Brian Hope v. Commissioner of Indiana Department of Corrections

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      Larry Neely
      Larry Neely

      By Larry . . . This is a synopsis of a case which is extremely important and will potentially have impact beyond Indiana. None of the challengers woul
      [See the full post at: Brian Hope v. Commissioner of Indiana Department of Corrections]

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      It shouldn’t matter when a law regarding people relocating went into effect. What matters is that no such law should even exist. How many constitutional rights does such a law violate? The right to live FREE after you’ve served ALL OBLIGATIONS including sex offender registration if you’re coming from a state that only requires 10 yrs and you complete the 10 yrs and make the FREE AMERICAN CHOICE to move to another state.
      A state like Floriduh, for example, should not be forcing former registrants to re-registry (for life of all things) if that person moved to FL from a state where he/she fulfilled their registration obligations. What’s the damn point of any court ordered requirements if another state is going to throw you right back on it as if you committed a whole new crime?
      This has to stop. It has to *be* stopped. It has to be argued.
      Some people are on probation for 10 yrs and their registration coincides with their probation time. When you’re released from probation and the registry, your probation officers typically wish you luck in your “new found freedom”. They never say “Oh, but by the way, don’t move to X, Y or Z state or you’ll lose your freedoms all over again”.

      Please! Someone fight this crap!

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      I’m with The Maestro on this one too. I’ve heard of such things with people moving from one State to another and as soon as they Apply for a Job, or even get a Job and their Social Security Number is known, suddenly The New State they moved to, sends The Storm Troopers to that person’s residence, and hauls the poor guy back to Jail…For Failure To Register In The S.O. Registry! HUH??!? Get This Too: EVEN WHEN PROVIDING LEGAL PAPERWORK FROM THE STATE HE LEFT THAT HIS DUTY TO REGISTER IS FINISHED, the other State is like: ‘Nope, now that you’re here, you start all over and you already Violated IN OUR STATE!!’ I’m going to check on the new State I’m wanting to move to, to determine if they’ll decide to give me Extra Time just for moving there, or keep My Current Time as it is now being Credited to me on ‘Special Probation’ The only reason I want to move to the new State-NOT FLORIDUH MIND YOU-is because it’s warmer. It’s not anywhere in The Southeast for that matter…because I’m also Black, and I’m NOT letting ANY of those ‘Good Ole Boys’ Get Me down there!
      Nuff Said!

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