Brenda Jones answers questions about NARSOL and the sexual offense registry

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      This interview was done between J.D. MacBean, editor of Livin’ the Dream blog (at the intersection of mass incarceration and society) where it was pub
      [See the full post at: Brenda Jones answers questions about NARSOL and the sexual offense registry]

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      This was a great interview and I do think Brenda did a great job of explaining how so many that have finished their sentences do not get a chance to live, I mean truly live life because of the continuing of their restrictions and requirements.

      Once I read a article about a case in which an Attorney general said in a court argument, “Registration is voluntary…” words to that effect. I looked at my grandson as he has been on the registry since 2006 and thought to myself how misrepresenting that statement by that AG was. At the time registration may have been less known about but still if my grandson had viewed their registration requirements as a voluntary thing, he likely would have been violated for failure to register. My point is as Brenda points out, is that the registry was promoted as something it is not, a thing to keep people safe. In all honesty I can say this, if someone has bad intent, no matter who it is; bad results will happen.
      I feel like those that have suffered these registry obligations for 10 or 25 years wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I know my grandson has severe stress disorder at times concerning this registry and it has changed him inside. He worries about every thing he does. Sometimes I think he forgets to enjoy living.
      The fact is that 2 wrongs do not make a right, never has and never will. After incarceration or registry terms and requirements, people should be able to live whatever life they can build again, it’s sad some have passed on without that chance already.
      I thank Brenda Jones and all those that fight to bring back truth in Justice.

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        Ed C

        First I want to thank Brenda for presenting such concise and useful information. I believe I will often refer to this thread as well as the links she presented. Good data!

        Regarding your comment about the registry being voluntary, the AG was absolutely correct. Abiding by any criminal statute is voluntary. However there are consequences. (My tongue was firmly planted in my cheek as I wrote that.) I don’t know who the AG was trying to BS with that statement, or why. If that was argued in court, the target was either a judge, a jury or both.


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        Registration is voluntary…what a crock. One can chose to not register by voluntary action too but that holds consequences, just as registration does. IMO, forcing one to register is compelled gov’t speech by making one self-identify as a convicted person of a sex crime to avoid the consequences of not registering. The information is already available to LE and the public if they know where to look. Ordering someone to self-identify by compelling them to make their already public data easier to find via registration is bull and unconstitutional.

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      Great interview, hoping to see you guys fight the NC registry to where you’re able to release non violent offenders from the registry early or at least lesson the time from 10 to 5 years or less to be able to be removed from the registry and also given a chance to expunge the crime if it was non violent so we can be able to get a better life for ourselves like a 2nd chance!

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      Thanks for representing our case so eloquently, Brenda! God bless you and all the other NARSOL officers for your hard work on our behalf!

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      Excellent interview! Great responses!

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