Breaking news about Florida hurricane evacuations

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    The listed FLORIDA counties are under either mandatory or voluntary evacuation from Hurricane Dorian according to Florida news bulletins issued today.
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    Woo to those who call evil good and good evil. One wonders about this hurricane in Florida. Is it an act of nature or the forces of evil? Who created the hurricane? Was the hurricane some sting operation to get a persons attention or the attention of the USA. Their is one thing about prevention and their is another thing about leading one astray. One can’t prevent a hurricane.

    The same principal is their so who is leading one astray in these sex registry ordeals?. Do law enforcements use a type of hurricane force to protect or instill in the minds of others by this sex sting operation that actually doesn’t protect or prevent anything. Who is infiltrating one’s conscience today or is the heart evil? Who is instilling darkness today with these internet operations. Who’s conscience is convicting who?

    Protecting and serving is good and so is true justice if done the right way or do we all make mistakes in life, even authorities. One wonders what the Statue of Liberity is all about today or is man against man today with this sex sting thing that has evolved in the nation that is so wicked and unconstutional today. Is man killing man with this unorthodox method of overcoming another. Make your voices heard and lets rid society of this registry that is afflicting many with this effect. One wonders who’s recruiting in this sex sting or scheme operation that instills on another’s conscience Is all this a type of den of thieves.

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