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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      We have just received notice from a registrant in Brunswick Co., N.C. that he has been informed by his sheriff’s office that if he seeks shelter, it c
      [See the full post at: BREAKING! HURRICANE NEWS]

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      You should go to a shelter and then take the case to trial when they try to prosecute you. Only 12 idiots would convict you for trying to save your life. Wait…. Idiots comprise about 60% of this countries population. At least taking it to trial will force them to spend a lot of money on something erroneous.

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        I completely agree. U get somewhere safe and worry about consequences later. It makes me sick that this even is happening. Good luck and stay safe.

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      I would take shelter at THAT same police station that has told the person the RC cannot shelter at the locations mentioned. If one’s life is in danger, and the motto is most always “To Serve and Protect” well then, it seems pretty straightforward. I think too in NC one is checked against the Reg when entering or trying to enter a shelter. I could be wrong. So, I would not want to be arrested, sit in jail for many many months, maybe get a favorable ruling or not, etc. Make THAT Police Station shelter the RC since they have no information where the RC can go in order to preserve his life. Serve and PROTECT. Just a thought.

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        It would be interesting if you had to shelter in a public area if you’d get attention at all from authority? If one person recognized you likely yea! But would they evict you?
        Your reasoning is the same as opting for an FTR Trial.

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      Sandy this hurricane scare threathens to do damage and they can be unpredictable at times, but this does make a good point about sex offenders left out in the cold so to speak. I guess sex offenders have to be seperated from the decent folks and their families in this situation. Guess someone never thought of that if something like this happens. I guess one could say, predicting safety in a hurricane ordeal. Sounds crazy to me. I guess county and state evacuation is out of the question if that happens.

      A lot of this sex offender thing is wrong when a tragedy is about to hit a whole part of a state. Guess they will all round them up by a school buss and send them to jail or prison. Should the door to door curb service for sex offenders be inhumane in situations like this or is jails or prison’s the better option, but safety is safety when a hurricane is barreling down on one.

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      I’m not surprised that Sandy isn’t getting any answers. The proof that the health, welfare, or even the very lives of registered citizens is NOT a priority is in the pudding here. This lack of cooperation should be legally documented and sent to the attorneys who will be fighting in the 10th Circuit for the ruling against the S.O.R. on 8th Amendment grounds to be upheld. This shows the total lack of regard for any human being listed on the S.O.R.

      This is why more and more I hold our government in utter contempt. Everything about the sex offender laws screams “F*** YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TOO!!!” If our courts are too dishonest to recognize that attitude with these policies denying registrants shelter during any life-threatening weather, be it heat, cold, or storm then our nation has lost every last one of its legal and moral moorings.

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        When man first made law condoning this onerous equation!
        Machine need>Human need = NULL.
        If a state can constitutionally enslave a free man to the update or maintenance of said machine, a property, against his own will and dignity, then a larger more powerful FED can go how far with the USE OF device?

        The database was a game changer! So America suffers a reset in favor of elites.
        The sex offender suffers the long disembodied GENERAL WARRANT! Supported by certain moral authority commonly referred to as SCOTUS. Chief Judge Rehnquist comes from my neck of the woods. I know his socialist history. A study of historical Milwaukee is in fact based on socialist thought long before Bernie Saunders. The fix was in on this boondoggle. TWO PARTIES, BIG DATA & BIG LABOR! Each greatly profit, but that is what it takes to pass “Law”.

        Who doesn’t understand SCOTUS was just used to redefine marriage? Seems to me that should be congressional duty! Course SCOTUS VIA DOE, authorized their constitutional role of handing out punishment and civil duties to those convicted to the legislative branch. FUBAR!

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      Any of the area Church of Christ should be good since the churches of Christ only generate revenue through the collection each Lord’s Day. No Church of Christ I know of runs a daycare or school on the church grounds. Just “google” your city or town, etc. and search something similar to “Church of Christ Brunswick County, North Carolina” That should be one way to get help.
      If any of the Churches of Christ are inland enough to be safe from storm surge and open their buildings as public sanctuary from the storm they will be a safe bet.

      I am a member of the Church of Christ in my state WHICH IS NOT IN THE HURRICANE AREA and none of the Churches of Christ I’ve ever known of run daycare centers. I also don’t know of any Church of Christ that has a school on the same property as the church building.

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      Lorenzo Beagy

      I just feel bad for these people that turn us SO away in time like this, Lord have mercy on them when it comes to enter the Kingdom.

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      Hardie Johnson

      I have been thinking about this and supposed that you should just go check in at a motel somewhere.

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      Terry H.

      Really? You really think someone is going to be standing at the shelter door with a clipboard and a computer checking to see if you are a Felon, Sex Offender or some other kind of Criminal? First off, the computer will not be working when the storm is beating down the doors and secondly, they do not have time to check a million people to see if they are SO’s. If you are in harm’s way go to the shelters like everyone else. If you keep putting yourself in the box ” I am different ‘ then people will always see you as different and as an outcast. If I had to go to jail to save my life, you better believe I would be first one in line. Be safe and save your life. OMG, this is so ignorant!

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      These individuals make me sick. You reap what you sow. There’s will come in the end. God will not have mercy on them unless they ask for forgiveness and tell the people they turned away they are sorry.

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