Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested

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      Douglas Hanks . . . A Miami-Dade judge on Thursday cleared the way for the county to dismantle a tent village of homeless sex offenders outside Hialea
      [See the full post at: Breaking: Florida judge rules homeless sex offenders can be arrested]

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      Grace Imburgia

      Who makes these decisions in Florida? 2500 feet away from a school? Where does that make children safe? Check the people working in the schools? How many of them have molested a child. It’s insane they can not live with these restrictions and prove they will not reoffend.

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      NH Registrant

      They need that prison money. They can jack the taxes up claiming they need more money to combat the ‘sex offender problem’ or some nonsense like that. The problem THEY created. It’s all about the money. If there was no money in locking people up, then not as many people would be locked up. If there wasn’t money in moral panics, then they wouldn’t exist. Same goes for the registry. It’s free revenue for the state while they can claim they’re ‘tough on crime’. It’s all a great big shining lie. This used to be a country where people had jobs and most people didn’t occupy their time being afraid of everything. Now, people have entirely too much time on their hands to play busybody. And the biggest industry we have in America is the Prison Industry. That’s ridiculously pathetic and embarrassing.

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      obvious answers

      America.. the home of the witch burning, the bible reader burning, the Irish killing, the Japanese incarceration for being racially Asian, the home of slavery in many different forms, the home of Jim Crow, the home of baby murder by ripping them apart with pliers while they are alive, limb from limb, the home of legal drownings by the courts and water boarding to “excise demons” the home of lobotomy’s and deliberately injecting citizens with syphilis and other horrible diseases ….do I need to go on?
      It is not and never has been “about protecting” anyone (especially not children) or they wouldn’t be responsible for tearing the poor children apart!! I am not going to stand here and justify at any point any excuse for anyone to harm a child BUT I also wont sit back silently while some slime bag says they are “protecting the children” while at the same time ripping the screaming children apart limb from limb and even selling body parts in many cases and using them in medical tortures and experiments.. I find it hard to believe any crime can be worse or more horrific then those being committed as government sanctioned crimes……If they want to keep pointing the finger..someone at some point needs to start forcing them to look in the mirror…THE HARD WAY….. If you do not start stepping out of the shadows and returning them their own behavior it will never stop..
      How do you think prostitutes got off the sex offender registry? (like as if that isn’t a sexual crime) ….How many politicians , cops, judges, and persecuting attorneys do you think have their personal numbers in those girls and guys little black books…

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      misdemeanor offender

      I have never understood the logic of living restrictions near a school. Someone placed on the registry cant sleep at a home when schools are not in session? Last time I checked, no children were living on school property.

      The judge in this case just allowed police an open permit to stop and detain anyone until they are found not to be on the registry. Dade County had a chance to challenge the law exposing a portion of it to be unreasonably accommodative to the public interest because it doesn’t provide a feasible solution. Unless this is judicial prejudice at its finest where a judge sides with law enforcement for reelection votes and a scheme to increase court sponsored recidivist numbers? I suspect that law enforcement and prosecutors are working behind the scenes to undertake a plan to increase civil commitment actions in the “interest of public safety” due to rising vigilantism and difficulty securing housing. It smells of Nazism all over it.

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      This is unconscionable! Is there any doubt this judge benefits from the Crooks? Follow the money! Florida is a rogue state which must be brought under Federal law! Shame on Florida politicians for ignoring facts and enacting these absurd laws, especially the so-called “governor.” And he wants to represent Florida at a national level? Is there any doubt that these laws are punishment? Florida has created a separate “justice” system for law-abiding registered ex-offenders, a direct violation of equal protection under the law. It’s time to recall this judge and ensure the “governor” doesn’t continue to disgrace Florida at a national level!

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      Kathy saine

      UNBELIEVABLE ! Society needs to be educated ! Not all offenders are monsters or career so’s. Everyday people on all levels if life. Someone somewhere with the capabilities needs to step up and pronounce that child porn and child molestation is NOT NORMAL ! Its a sickness. They think Punishment is the answer. Intense Psychological Therapy woukd be more of a deterrant than anything else. Most SO’S are successful human beings in all aspects of life except for getting into this type of thing for whatever reason got them to that point. THEY NEED HELP ! I repeat, THEY NEED HELP !!!! Will someone who can, PLEASE try to change the way society thinks and get help for these people who so desparately need it. They all get out of prison eventually! Wouldn’t it make sense that when they come out that they had had intense therapy opposed to just sitting locked up for so long without any help? And don’t believe anyone that says they do get help ! They do NOT get the help they need.

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        One thing we need to do on the subject of sex offenses that are consensual even if by a state law – illegal, and the subject of child porn is to start being ballsy enough to say “Stop creating victims when your very own sons and daughters have LIED about their ages and NOT ALL child porn has to do with little toddlers.”
        Traci Lords, popular porn actress, was 15 years old and produced a FAKE ID to the porn production company and they hired her. Guess who faced criminal charges! Certainly not little miss innocent who falsified her information.

        How many of these registered people that have a “child porn” conviction we’re looking at POST PUBESCENT, old enough to operate an automobile teenagers? How many of them may have snapped a pic or video while having sex with said teenager (when me and my girlfriend were both 17, even WE were adventurous and recorded ourselves screwing with a VHS camera), and that was long before any hysteria about sex offenses started brainwashing our country.

        If THIS story doesn’t make you finally say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” then nothing will.
        One day, all those little sweet teenie boppers who have been criminally convicted for sending nudes of themselves to their boyfriends/girlfriends will be sleeping in one of these types of tent camps when they can’t find places to live in their adult lives. And what will their sex offense registry say? It will say; “POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY” with their CURRENT AGE and THAT will be all people need to see to start making their ASSumptions.

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      Dr. Michael Christianson

      The answer may be in acquiring a city. In Indiana our nonprofit is working to incorporate a city for registered citizens that will place the registered citizens in positions of authority. But progress is slow.

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        Jeremy from Indiana

        What city is that if you don’t mind me asking? I am getting a degree in business management in about a month and I’m in Indianapolis

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          Dr. Michael A Christianson

          St. Sebastian is the working name. We are attempting to acquire the area in La Porte, Indiana. In Indiana it’s fairly simple to incorporate a city (originally within a city). But it’s difficult to get registered citizens motivated to take action. Or website is We have to have 50 + 1 votes to incorporate a small area in La Porte. The reason I chose Indiana is because this state has Township Trustees and they are required by law to assist the homeless and poor in their townships. Our Township is Center Township. I know the Trustee personally, Lisa.

          If we can incorporate (provided we get enough people to vote) we can control the local government, starting from scratch. We can then control the city courts, police stations, and pass our own local laws that are just and treat registered citizens with respect. With enough like-minded city residents, there is no end to the positive possibilities.

          We have looked at some smaller cities in Indiana. Some are rather tiny – under a 1000. This is plan B. But we could move enough pioneering registered citizens into the city, using the Township offices for food, clothing, and shelter. Then it would be a matter of registering everyone to vote, and voting en masse for the ones we select.

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      James Coghill

      In 2015 the California Supreme Court ruled that the 2000 foot provision in SORNA was unconstitutional because it was overbroad and created conditions that could not be met by anyone. I guess Florida judges are idiots who can’t figure that 2500 feet is greater than 2000 feet. That’s not the worst of it, I’ve met judges who can’t use a calendar or do simple math. That California case although it is not dictum to the state of Florida should have been used as a guide in this matter. Why wasn’t it?

      It’s a far more interesting question to ask why Americans can’t seem to live their lives without being in fear of something. I can’t help but think that because America lost the so-called war on drugs and now instead of filling up prisons with pot smokers they’re going to fill them up with so-called sex offenders. After all it makes no sense to build a present that you have no intention of using.

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      These rules are causing recidivism which the law already claims high percentages of this. At a time when the prisons are already overloaded… I just don’t get any of this reasoning at all. The law keeps hurting not aiding any positive in registrants to improve themselves.

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      When is someone who advocates for registered citizens going to make a ballsy stand and remind this nation that their monstrous sex offenders are as young as pre-teens?
      When is an advocate going to stop sugarcoating and say it like it is; NOT ALL PEOPLE CONVICTED OF WHAT THE LEGISLATURE DEEMED A SEX CRIME HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN!!??
      When is someone going to take the risk of REALITY to remind people that SEX is not always “heinous” just because some jackass in a suite and tie in the legislature decided to make the act a crime?

      It seems to me that when the reports who write the stories about this topic, even if they mean well, seem to MAKE SURE to always interview a registered citizen that offended against a small child as I read in one online news article about this encampment.


      Yes – RETARDED!

      When are we going to stop being politically correct and trike FIGHT BACK? The lawmakers, Mr Ron Book and the judge don’t seem to give a hot damn about political correctness to force people into homelessness and then threaten to arrest them for not having a place to go!!!


      Luis Farrakhan did a million man march for what reason? To this day I still don’t know what his motive in his whacked out mind was for that.

      How about we get EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE OF ALL AGES who are RSO’s to do a march and we can threaten THEM that if hundreds of thousands of us cant live here and there and can’t stay at homeless shelters, we’ll just take up camp on the FRONT LAWNS OF THE LEGISLATORS AND MR RON BOOK FOR MAKING THESE LUDICROUS LAWS!
      Let’s see them have the police manpower to arrest a few HUNDRED THOUSAND people.

      And it would make some GREAT news coverage.

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        Are you kidding me?
        “STAND THE HELL UP! DO SOMETHING!” “Make a ballsy stand.”
        NARSOL has posted that people as young as 8 are on the registry and have supported legislation to have them removed from the registry.
        What is NARSOL not doing that you think we should be doing? Are we just going to ask everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY to show up for a march, and by god, they will do it too? There have been massive marches all over the country for the last year and half. What did they change?

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          No Fred, I’m NOT kidding you.

          How many people just in these story comments have mentioned having sons who are mentally disabled? How many have mentioned autism?
          Where’s the “political correctness” from the left to say: Don’t discriminate the mentally handicapped! They can’t be responsible for what they did.


          Or how about all those kids in various schools across the country (most especially Colorado) who got charged with distributing child porn for taking pics of themselves and sending to their little BF/GF’s?
          You think those parents won’t stand up to this? If they don’t, then they need not eventually find this and other advocate sites and post comments about how unfair the laws and the general public are when their kids were just being stupid kids!
          They have a chance to do something but they’d rather just sit back and take the heat and deal with it. Fine. Then sit back. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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            Nobody is disagreeing with those points. Yes there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people affected by these laws one way or another. And these laws are absurd on so many levels.

            The question that you failed to respond to is: What is NARSOL not doing that you feel we should be doing?
            What has all the massive protests across the country in the last year and a half accomplished?
            How are we even going to get all these people to meet for a march?

            You are the not the first person to have this idea. It has been tried before. About 6 people turned out.

            From your comments across this site, it’s pretty obvious you feel everyone who is fighting for the rights of registrants are not doing enough. So why don’t you enlighten us on everything you are doing.

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            You say NARSOL has done things across the country, well, I haven’t seen anything about it.
            If someone or organization were to be out there protesting on behalf of people with sex offense convictions, I’m sure the news media would be all over it, even if to mock it. Aside from the stories posted on this site, I don’t see much else going on. Sorry. I just don’t.

            And what do I propose NARSOL do? Well, I’m not sure since I am not part of an advocacy organization, but one thing you COULD do is take into consideration some of the ideas I’ve put forth (stop being PC) and utilize them in a more professional manner in your arguments against the registry and what it does to lots of people.
            I am not a “professiona” speaker. I will come right out and tell it like it is and use color metaphors in the process thereof.

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            I did not say NARSOL does things across the country, although we do. I said there have been protests and marches going on across the country for various reasons for the last year and half where millions of people participated, and I asked you what have they accomplished?

            “Stop being PC” is kind of vague. That doesn’t tell me what you want NARSOL to do differently. Surely you don’t mean we should behave immaturely and call people names? Give me an example of what NARSOL should be saying that will meet your approval and explain why you think that will resonate with the public and our lawmakers in a positive way.

            If you think all NARSOL is is a website with blog posts, you should look a little harder. I think we make it pretty obvious that maintaining the website is only a small part of our operations. Will you be attending our conference in Ohio so you can learn everything NARSOL is doing for you and how to get involved and actually do something yourself that will have potential to make a difference for registrants everywhere?

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            “Surely you don’t mean we should behave immaturely and call people names? Give me an example of what NARSOL should be saying that will meet your approval and explain why you think that will resonate with the public and our lawmakers in a positive way”

            No, I do not mean that NARSOL has to call people names (leave that to me when I rant ☺️).
            What I mean is, and this will REALLY make you have to go out on a limb, is to stop the PC approach of saying that you “understand the trauma to the victims” when you and I both know that a teenager who lies about their age is NOT a victim. You also know that the legal age varies by state. So in Connecticut I can have a 16 y.o. girlfriend and no one can do anything about it.
            Now cross over the state line into New York and suddenly the 16 y.o. who can operate a motor vehicle in all 50 states and consent to a relationship with anyone more than 2 yrs older than her in Connecticut suddenly becomes a “victim” of a sex crime for being with the older person.

            There was a story here in CT as a matter of fact, it was one of those John Stossel “Give Me A Break” episodes where a 15 and 17 yr old were in a relationship and it got sexual. But the 17 yr old boy turned 18 BEFORE the 15 yr old girl turned 16 and once he reached his 18th birthday, the father of the girl pressed charges against him and the prosecutor didn’t care that the relationship existed while they were both under 18, he prosecuted anyway.

            With stories like these in the hundreds of thousands, we have to STOP referring to the younger person as a “victim”. But no. You won’t dare tell it like it is because the truth does two things;

            1. Hurts people’s feelings because they want things sugarcoated to meet their narrative.
            2. Won’t earn you any brownie points for saying a girl in that type of situation is NOT a victim but rather her daddy is vindictive.

            Listen Fred, this is how hypocritical people are….

            On a YouTube video documentary about Elvis Presley, I left a comment asking why people honor a man who we all know was 24 when he took a liking to 14 yr old Priscilla.
            If you could see the backlash of responses I got from that, your jaw would hit the floor!
            We always talk among each other and a few people have said to me that I am “minimizing” MY offense with an under age teen, but so are the Elvis fans.
            They were stuck on how Elvis didn’t do anything sexual with her for years to come. Ok. So then let me DATE your 14 yr old daughter WITHOUT having sex with her and tell me how fast you’d call the cops when you find out that she’s TALKING to an older man.
            These people didn’t let up. They just kept on defending Elvis. Why? Because Elvis, unlike all of us, didn’t have charges filed against him and has no criminal record of being with an underage girl. THAT’S why.

            People come down on Roman Polanski because he used drugs and alcohol to get the 13 yr old in a state of mind where he could take sexual advantage of her. Guess what kids…. KIDS I say…. in my high school were doing when we’d get ahold of our parents alcohol and have the houses to ourselves for a few hours to have a house party….guess…. We were TRYING to get the girls drunk! I can’t tell you how many times throughout high school I met or dated girls who spoke with great pleasure when they said: “I lost my virginity at a party. I was drunk. But I don’t care about him anymore, I like you now.”

            When I reflect back on those times, I cannot wrap my mind around people today saying that “victims” will be sobbing in a corner of their bedrooms forever.

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            We do not condone sexual activity between adults and minors, regardless of whether or not the minor is already sexually active or if some people think should be considered an adult. I trust you don’t either.

            I recall some articles on this site about people lying about their ages and ruining someone else’s life. I don’t recall anyone from NARSOL referring to that person as a victim. Rather we take the position that those forced to comply with the registry laws are being victimized. Whatever are you talking about? Are you sure you know what NARSOL is?

            So you think the solution is to point out hypocrisy and cases decades old? How do people typically react when that happens from your experience? If I am testifying before my state legislators, do you think they will take me seriously if I am going on about Elvis and calling them hypocrites?

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        Maestro, even those who HAVE committed crimes against little children don’t deserve this fate of homelessness and poverty by legislation! No one does. Stop excluding certain sex offenders from what is fair and right!!!

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        Maestro, don’t be the example of one sex offender looking down on what another sex offender did. We all deserve the same humane consideration under the law. That’s one thing I love about the treatment provider I have. She will NOT tolerate one sex offender judging or looking down on or being condescending toward another simply because one had an adult victim and the other a child victim.

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          Seems my original response to you was not approved. I don’t know why since I did not attack you.
          What I basically said was that I am NOT judging anyone based on their sexual offense, however, the GENERAL PUBLIC DOES. And when all they get to see/read in news stories about homeless sex offenders are those who’s crimes were against kids Megan Kanka’s age, they’re not going to give a crap about any of us being homeless.

          How is this REALISTIC response not worthy of being posted? Me wonders 🤔

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            Sorry for misinterpreting what you were saying. You are right. When the public hears “registered sex offender” they lump the whole crowd in with those who have molested prepubescent children.

            Before getting an up-close and personal encounter with the registry, I always assumed it was designed to be reserved ONLY for child molesters. (BTW, I was one, which landed me on the registry. I sexually abused a 5-year-old boy.) Before getting caught and prosecuted, I had always assumed the registry was meant to track child molesters; not every other kind of “sexual” offender known to man.

            After all, the registry, from inception, was touted as a measure to track convicted child molesters and inform the public of our (child molesters’) whereabouts so people would know not to let their children anywhere near us.

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        Maestro you are correct. People need to take a stand. Power in numbers and those numbers are growing on a daily basis. Let all who are outraged by the deplorable, unfair and cruel treatment of human beings band together and make a statement.

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      You can’t convince me that Ron and Lauren Book did NOT engage in dirty, underhanded back-room politics to get this ruling. If legislating people into these squalid conditions and then arresting them because the law stonewalls them in every possible direction from getting housing does not rise to a punishment so cruel and unusual that it shocks the conscience, then I very disdainfully submit that America no longer has a conscience to shock!!

      If laws that force people into such untenable conditions don’t constitute cruel and unusual punishment on their face then the 8th Amendment needs to be completely repealed because there’s no longer any such action that would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

      Ron and Lauren Book need to be tarred and feathered. I’m to the point that I don’t give a rat’s furry behind about her being a past victim of abuse. This is all about unbridled restitution. The legislators and judges have pretty much said let’s all feel sorry for the poor little girl who was molested and let her have her way with unbridled, unfettered vengeance!!!

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        RIGHT! We don’t have time to fight each other. America does not give a damn what you did to get on “The LIST”, they only care that your name is there. We fight together and FOR each other. We win little victories, but they all add up.

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      But Ron Book went to his comfortable home in Miami. Now early in the morning he came into the Miami-Dade counsel chambers and Laura…a lawmaker, a group of local politicians, and a contingent of community ‘do-gooders’ came to him; and he sat down and indoctrinated them. Then the local politicians and ‘do-gooders’ brought to him a human being caught in a sex offense. And when they had adequately condemned this human being they sat ‘him/her’ in the midst. They said to him,”Master Book, this human being was convicted of a sex offense and has paid the debt called for by the law. In spite of this, now his lordship Scott, in his law commanded us that such should be ‘stoned’. But what do you say?” This they said testing Ron that they might determine the true nature of his character. But Ron refereed to a county ordinance as though nothing else mattered. They continued pestering him so he stood up and said to them,”Let he who is without sin among you throw the first stone at the ex-sex offender.” Again he acted as though he was such a righteous person. Then those who had heard it started stoning the ex-sex offender. Then Ron, the benevolent person that he, caring for all homeless ex-sex offenders, stopped the ‘stoning’, and the ex-sex offender was left standing with 300 other ex-sex offenders awaiting their community’s condemnation. Ron then raised himself up and saw only a ‘human waste product’. He said to him,”Where are those upstanding, law abiding citizens who are in such fear of you? Has no one the fortitude to investigate your propensity to reoffend?” The ex-offended said,”No one Lord Book”. Ron said in return,”Neither do I care to investigate the truth, then Ron condemned the whole group of ex-offenders to the wilderness of Miami-Dade County to never again be a member of society or a participant in a family. You will wonder through south Florida without food, water, a roof over your head, and in fear of arrest for just trying to survive for the remainder of your life on earth.” Ron told the ex-offender,”You judge according to the faith and forgiveness that you have found in God; I judge according to paranoia, fear mongering, and vote getting that I can get from an ignorant public.” Now the benevolent, financier of Florida politicians, told his loyal ‘groupies’ to go home and rest in peace and safety because their ‘savior’ Ron had done the only thing he could do as a member of the Homeless Collation.
      WWJD? John 8: 1-15.

      PS I wrote this in my mind this morning when I was out on my morning walk after a good night’s sleep in a comfortable home…a privledge that nearly 300 in Miami-Dade County did not have last night. May God bless them and punish those deacons of satan who have gone totally Godless in dealing with human beings.

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        Captain, my email address is Would you please contact me privately. As a former enlistee in the Navy, I’d love to stay in touch with you. It’s really neat that I saw your posting.

        To the moderator, this email address is not my main email, so feel free to publish it so the retired Captain can contact me if he so desires!

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        Good morning, Captain! Former AT3 Will Crump reporting, sir!!

        Well-written Captain!! I was in the Navy myself from March 1992-March 1997. Unfortunately, I let my attraction to little boys get the best of me and I tried to set up a sexual encounter with a 9-year-old boy I had met and befriended. I got caught before I could do the deed. Thank God.

        I lost my Navy career. I was an AT (a “tron chaser”). Since I had not touched this little 9-year-old in any way, I only received 2 years’ confinement. I served my time at NAVCONBRIG Miramar. As you know NAS Miramar is where “Top Gun” school was once located. I could see the flight line from my cell window.

        I hate myself for letting my urges get out of control. I loved being in the Navy. Would you like to know what my sole aspiration was while in the Navy? I was obsessed with going back to RTC GRTLKS as a recruit company commander. I wanted to earn that red rope and cookie badge in the worst way imaginable. I wanted to be a company commander.

        You might chuckle at this and then again you might get a little agitated with me, but wherever I was stationed, I was known as the newbie who was ate up with the Navy. I’m sure you’ve seen the company commanders in uniform with their scarlet red single-loop aiguillettes and their snazzy Company Commander breast insignias (nicknamed cookie badges). Well, I would always wear civies that closely resembled the summer working Navy Whites or the winter Working Blues (Johnny Cash). I would go to military surplus stores and buy those red aiguillettes the company commanders wore. Once I was off base I would pin the rope on just like it is worn on the uniform. The only reason I didn’t have a cookie badge is they are, as you probably know, command issued items. They weren’t available through standard uniform supply. Access to those cookie badges is restricted.

        I was known at every command for being the silly kid that wore a company commander’s red rope on civilian clothing which was coordinated to look as much like a uniform as possible. I even had the shirts ironed with military creases!!! I was seriously ate up with it!!! Oh yeah, and my shoes were spit-shined as well! I still have a mock-up “uniform”. I was able to be a company commander on a volunteer basis with the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania divisions of the United States Navy Sea Cadets. I got to wear the rope and help train these young guys how to stand a proper uniform inspection, how to stand watch, military courtesy, etc. I couldn’t drop them for push-ups but I did have a Lieutenant who told me privately if I thought a kid deserved to be dropped for 10 I could do so with his blessing so long as the more “humane” officers weren’t around. I never did it. But I had unofficial permission to. I had even talked to an old BMC who had actually served as a recruit company commander. He still had his “red book”. That’s the instruction manual petty officers on company commander duty have to follow. It covers marching drills, uniform inspections, how to fold and stow items issued with our sea bags, how to properly make a rack, etc. He let me use his red book. I was shocked! He was really great about the whole thing. He didn’t go off on a power trip about me not wearing the rope because I was only an E-3 at the time. I actually had an AM1 to threaten me over the fact I wore the red aiguillette. He too had once been a recruit company commander and supposedly also served on the selection board for prospective RCCs. I was telling my LPO about my volunteer duty and what I did and that I wore the red aiguillette and functioned as a company commander. He told me, “If I EVER see you wearing that rope, I’ll rip it off your f___n’ uniform!!!”
        He lived to regret that tacky little threat. I’m sure you know the adage don’t ever screw with someone until you know who they know. I was off-duty buddies with my departmental Master Chief. We were on first-name basis. I told the Master Chief about this AM1’s nasty little threat. I was told by the Master Chief to talk to my Division Officer, who was an LDO Ensign. I told him what I was doing in the way of volunteering time to the Sea Cadets and that I was a company commander complete with the signifying red aiguillette. I told him I really wanted to confront the Petty Officer myself over his abusive threat, but that he outranked me and would probably write me up for insubordination if I ever did. My Div-O said, and I quote, “Talk with him if you want to. If he tries to write you up, I’ll personally break that report chit off in his ass sideways!” As it turns out, I didn’t even HAVE to talk with him. Someone else up the chain did it for me. He NEVER said another word to me. Period. Ever. He would give me the angriest “Go to hell!!” looks you ever saw, but he never said another word to me. I was quite satisfied.

        I RESENT and I do mean I RESENT the Petty Officers, Chiefs, and officers who get all caught up in their authority. After all, as you now will probably admit, even a full-bird captain puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else and that rank does not entitle anyone enlisted or officer to be a hateful little snot just because they outrank the one they’re being tacky to.

        Our former CNO Adm. Mike Boorda came up through the ranks as an E-1 seaman recruit. I had Thanksgiving dinner with his sister Cybil Nahrgang while the Kennedy was in the yards up in Philadelphia. She told me about an incident involving him and his pilot. His pilot was talking about enlisted men in a derogatory, condescending manner. The Admiral shut him up real quick-like. He reminded the pilot that he (the admiral) worked his way up from Seaman Recruit. Too bad he committed suicide! I never met him, but he sounds like he was really a down-to-earth man who never let his top rank go to his head. I would have loved to meet him.

        Some of the Petty Officers and Chiefs would give me grief about wearing uniform items like that aiguillette on civilian clothing, but I had a way around that. Just don’t wear the aiguillette in their presence. Out of sight is out of mind. I had other Petty Officers and Chiefs to tell me wearing that red aiguillette on my civies was no violation of uniform regulations because even marching bands, JROTC, etc. wear those same items on their uniforms.

        I ruined the best thing I have ever had. After I had PCS’ed to NAS Barber’s Point with PATRON 9 (The Golden Eagles) and deployed to Misawa Air Base is when I let my problem get out of control. I was stupid enough to think I could have a “quick little tryst” with a cute boy and come back stateside and no one ever know the difference. That’s what I get for thinking I was cunning enough not to get caught.

        That was in Oct. 1995. I was court-martialed via General Court-Martial as ordered by COMFLEACT Japan in Yakosuka, Japan. I was sentenced to two years in the brig. I was out in March 1997. By the beginning of 2001 I had re-offended against a little 5-year-old boy. I got myself caught by molesting him in a situation where our privacy was not guaranteed. The boy had said nothing about what had been done previous to that day. My own impatience and lack of self-control got me caught. That one cost me 85% of 12 years in prison. I served 10 years 2 months and 12 days in state prison. That broke me right there. I still have the same desires and attractions. I just keep them well in check!! Nothing’s worse than going to prison! NAVCONBRIG was an extended stay in a motel compared to the state penitentiary. I have been disavowed of this idea that one can do this sort of thing and not get caught. Somehow one will always get caught doing something of that nature. It’s just a matter of time; that’s all.

        I hope to hear back from you Captain! Have a fine NAVY DAY!! 🙂

    • #40390 Reply

      It is “Us vs Them.” All rights should be restored (voting, guns) to those completing all requirements (time served, counseling, probation, parole). Living restrictions should be prohibited by law. The public registry, unconstitutional in my opinion, should be abolished. Therefore, I fear, it comes down to a fight. Circumstances facing registered citizens are LIFE threatening. Defend yourselves by whatever means necessary. Peace & love to all unless of course you want to harm me then the gloves are off.

    • #40396 Reply
      Danny Ballard

      The problem here in the USA is, Everybody needs someone to HATE !!!. First it was the Jews, Then the Blacks, Then (This is when it really started and went crazy) it was “The War On Drugs ” !!! Well after 30+ YEARS , Yes DECADES AFTER THE START !! The “Government” hasn’t won, Can’t Win, Will NEVER win the “War On Drugs” !!!, So since the “Government” realizes they Can’t Win the “Drug” War, They have switched gears to ANOTHER fight, And they figured out EARLY ON that “The General Public” would go along with their “Fight” because everyone wants to Protect the Children !!. Well once the “Government” found out HOW MUCH MONEY COULD BE MADE from the whole “Sex Offender Registery and Sex Crimes”, They ran with it !! Notice, You haven’t heard ” The War On Drugs” slogan in many YEARS !! It’s now ALL ABOUT the WAR ON SEX CRIMES !!!!!!. And given enough time and lack of the “People” standing up against all these ILLEGAL LAWS, Pretty soon, EVERYONE WILL END UP ON THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTERY !!. Because, According to Laws in ALMOST EVERY STATE, there are silly little laws that EVERYONE violates, That COULD if CAUGHT, Put someone on “The Registery” !! Florida is the Worst I think !! It’s actually ILLEGAL to Shower NAKED !! ORAL and ANAL Sex is ILLEGAL in Florida, And the list goes on, And if caught, That Person ((which is probably YOU !!) Will be required to Register as a SEX OFFENDER for LIFE in Florida !!. People today are SO SCARED OF EVERYTHING !!! And people today has FORGOTTEN that SEX IS NORMAL !! And Sex has been going on since Adam and Eve !! Sex is how we/you got here !!. And Underage sex was NORMAL “Back In The Day” !! Now people harming a CHILD under 13/14 IS NOT NORMAL or RIGHT !! But Kids 12/13/14 years of age having SEX with each other IS NORMAL !! And today they are being put on “The Registery” for it !!. But back to the “Underage” thing, How common was it back say 30/40 or more years ago for a 20 year old man to DATE AND MARRY a 15/16 year old woman !!????? The answer is VERY COMMON !!! And so was a 18yr old man and a 15/16 year old girl !!!!!!! 60% of the marriages back “,In the Day” was like this !!! And there has ALWAYS been Older Men having SEX with Much Younger Women !!! Is it right ???? Who am I to say ???? But it all boils down to, Sex Offender Laws BRING IN LOTS OF MONEY !! And today, Money means more than Our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS !!! The “Registery” doesn’t Prevent anyone from reoffending IF They Wanted too !!!!!!. The “Registery” doesn’t PROTECT anyone !! It’s ALL ABOUT having someone to HATE, And making that money !. Yes there needs to be a “List” of Really Dangerous Pedophiles kept !! But it DOESN’T need to be PUBLIC !!. . And laws need to “Keep Up With The Times” !! Girls today are having SEX at 15/16/17 more that people in their 30″s !!. And if someone is old enough and mature enough to KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING, It shouldn’t matter HOW OLD the person he or she desides to have SEX with !!!. Consensual Sex should be allowed by anyone, Without fear of being added to a “List” !! Because The “Sex Offender Registery” IS PUNISHMENT regardless of what the “Government” says !! They will say it’s Not because they want to KEEP it !! Because when it gets Dropped, The “Government” is gonna LOOSE BILLIONS !!!!!!!! And they will have to fine someone else to HATE !!. Sex Offenders are people too !! Sex Offenders are HUMAN too !!, Sex Offenders are simply people that have been CAUGHT for doing something that 99% of us have done sometime in our pasts !!.

      • #40467 Reply

        There does not need to be a list of ANY sex offenders(including so-called “DANGEROUS PEDOPHILES”) in any way that differs from the maintained lists of any other convicted criminal. Don’t make exceptions here. We’re all human beings who just want to be able to rebuild a productive, fulfilling, enjoyable, morally upright law abiding life.

        In my way of thinking when you carve out even the smallest of exceptions for for registrants who are child molesters, you legitimize the whole stinking system because that reaction too is based on fear.

        I say ALL OF US ACROSS THE BOARD don’t need to be on ANY KIND OF SPECIAL LIST WHATSOEVER. None of us needs to be subject to the life-crippling restrictions.

    • #40397 Reply
      Sean Bloodworth

      Can someone please tell me some things?
      1, How often do people snatch kids from schools?
      2,Why do they call all sex offenders pedophiles?
      I thought a pedophile was obsessed with pre pubesant children.
      3 Didn’t some judge rule against that law about driving past a school or daycare?
      At any rate, they seem to be creating problems to solve. The only crimes they can charge most SOs with are they ones they cause. 2500 feet? Really?

      • #40444 Reply

        “2,Why do they call all sex offenders pedophiles?
        I thought a pedophile was obsessed with pre pubesant children.”

        It is the interest in pre-pubescent children. But the public has been corrupted by people like John Walsh and also SCRIPTED, ACTED TV shows like “Law & Order: SVU” and take it as being a documentary.
        It’s gotten so bad that people refer to others as “pedophile” for having a romantic interest in other ADULTS who just happen to be younger.
        I’ve been called a “pedophile” (in sort of a joking but still ignorant way) by my coworkers because I mentioned that my recent ex happens to be 25 yrs old (now) but when we met she was 22. Somehow that makes me a pedophile. And these are coworker who know NOTHING about my criminal record as a sex offender.

        People throw around the word “pedophile” like they throw around the word “racist/racism”, to the point that these words lose their meaning.

        • #40469 Reply

          Maestro, you make an excellent point regarding the overuse and misuse of the term “pedophile”.

          As you pointed out, pedophilia is sexual attraction to prepubescent children. There are people who have sexual attraction to prepubescent children who have never acted on that impulsive drive. How they have refrained I don’t know, but they are out there. Therefore, not every pedophile is a child molester.

          Ephebophilia is sexual attraction to underage pubescent teens.

          Shows like Law & Order: SVU have made armchair experts on pedophilia out of our entire population in the United States. I refuse to watch that show. The mentality behind it makes my blood boil with rage and resentment. The way suspected offenders are portrayed is totally erroneous. The dynamic between offender and victim they portray in every instance of child sexual abuse is false. The show glorifies ignoring the rights and dignity of suspected offenders. I’m sure you’ve seen how Detective Stabler likes to rough up offenders in the interrogation room. I got to a point to where the more I thought about what this show does the more I loathed and hated it. For many years now I refuse to watch a single second of it.

    • #40402 Reply

      I will say it again that proximity has nothing to do with sex offender reoffending because children are everywhere.

    • #40422 Reply

      So what is safer, having people living in a tent in random outskirts of Miami (like under an overpass) OR for them to be properly housed with a job?

      I think the answer should be obvious, but apparently to judges like this, it’s not. Unbelievable.

    • #40425 Reply

      We need Justice Reform and we needed it 30 years ago. The problem is the laws and how they are written. This law should never had been able to pass. I will never go to Miami-Dade county. They will never receive any of my money at any of there businesses ever again. I will pray for the Homeless people in that area. I will pray that they will be able to find out that the law has changed, and that they will be given a better opportunity.

      • #40436 Reply

        We are the people,
        Laws are typed on keyboards. Every interest pounding on keys so fast its a blur. Passed in masse via OMNIBUS over 1000 pages. WE (humanity) were in NO way prepared for the impact of the database. Like the printing press it will be regarded as the single most impact filled devices in human history. Even the typing function on e-devices operates via a database. The term word processing is by definition the utilization of stored data.The

        Machine need > human NEED =0[Null]

        Even Issak Asimov would recognize the danger.

    • #40429 Reply

      I am interested in reading the legal ruling, but can find no link. His opinion and the factually applicable law. PLEASE POST it if you know it. I’m looking

    • #40430 Reply

      BTW IMHO,

      The reason why Florida is so crazy on this issue has more to do with the amount of elderly people. Old school values about sex are very distorted because of the influence of religious canon. Ultra conservatives at work. Not to be confused with capitalists the UC believe sex only for those married before God. Some of Our founders believed in natural law………we do not! It will be our undoing from within.

      Real social issues can not be improved via electronics….that so many turn to it proves desperation and ignorance. Plain human condition.

      • #40474 Reply

        T.D.A.L. I have a different view of why the sex offender laws in Flori-duhhhhh are the way they are. Of course there are Ron and Lauren Book who should have been excluded from the conversation long ago because they’re all about revenge for what happened to Lauren as a child. I don’t care any more. Victims of any crime should have no voice in legislation. They are out for their pound of flesh. They are out for blood. They are NOT the least bit inclined to be objective, rational, or fair. There is one exception (I think).

        What is Flori-duhhhhh’s big money maker on the whole? Tourism. Snobbish rich snow bunnies from up north winter in Flori-duhhhhh. People travel to Flori-duhhhhh for vaction at their numerous beaches. Those who make their fortunes off of tourism don’t want “those people” anywhere around. They don’t want their little tourist’s paradise to be “sullied” by “those people” on the registry. They’re scared to death that registered citizens in their midst would diminish their revenue from tourism, so they drive them as far away to the very outskirts of civilization as they possibly can.

        In some Flori-duhhhhh cities, it is actually a crime to feed the homeless in public.

        I guess I could make a baseless accusation here (after all, turnabout is fair play) and say they outlaw feeding the homeless because they intend for homeless registrants to starve to death on the streets.

        • #40478 Reply

          The one exception to the family members of victims not willing to be rational or the least bit fair-minded is Jacob Wetterling’s mother…..I think. Even she has come out and said the registry is too much about “naming and shaming”. Maybe she simply means that only child molesters and rapists should be registered. I don’t know. I can’t read her mind. But she has been quoted as saying too many other offenses water the registry down too much because far too many don’t pose a risk to the public in any way. So maybe she is more fair-minded and maybe she isn’t. I’ll be nice and give some benefit of the doubt, which is more than the other side of this issue will EVER DO for any of us.

    • #40450 Reply
      Rick in PA

      Just a thought off the top of my head: Has anyone checked to see if any county or state jail or prison, or even a police department holding cell where an offender is housed awaiting transportation, is within 2500 feet of a school, daycare or other prohibited (for registrants) location? If so, could a lawsuit be filed against the proper government body for housing sex offenders in a prohibited location? Probably a dumb idea, but it sometimes is fruitful to turn terrible laws against the very people who advocate them.

    • #40448 Reply

      This tent city or tent village thing is a bit far fetched. The states got homeless people, so whats the solution. While I’m sure they have vacent buildings in that area and the state could revamp that abandon building and house them up there. That way they would have shelter and could come and go without fear. If the state wants to be that cruel whether they are on probation, served their prison sentence or whatever the case may be, that would be the humanitarian thing to do I don’t even think the state trust the state these days let along trust a sex offender with a label.

    • #40453 Reply

      Some lawyer needs to sue these florida counties that make their own laws which exceed the state law on how far a RSO can live from areas. New York has already done so in 2015 and we have won. New York State Court of Appeals Judge Eugene Pigott wrote the opinion for the court that New York State law preempts local laws in determining residency restrictions for registered sex offenders. The ruling essentially invalidates some 130 local laws across the state.

      • #40477 Reply

        Andy, you make a great point. There’s only one problem with the overturning of local ordinances. I’m afraid that in places where lawsuits have been won against LOCAL ordinances, the local politicians will go crying to the state politicians and the state law will simply be changed to allow each municipality to set their own buffer zones around off-limits locations. Once that little end-run-around the court ruling is done, there will be no way on earth to fight the residency restrictions until they are ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

        • #40504 Reply
          Steven VAN SCOTER

          The case Andy pointed out nullified local laws because the state already has laws govering restrictions for RSOs. Mainly it fall upon the Department of Community Supervision (Parole and probation). The lawsuit involved was challenged by a lv 1 offender who was not under supervision. Being from Buffalo, I followed the case and researched it extensively. Before the ruling, 93% of Buffalo was off limits to anyone on the registry, regardless if they were under supervision or not. Of the remaining 7%, most of that was industrial and contained no residential space. Where I found a place to live (after being released by parole) was only acceptable at the time because it’s a boarding house and most of the ppl living here are RSOs and some are still on paper.

    • #40551 Reply

      I’m sure Florida will reap what it has sown. There is a reason for The Double Jeopardy clause in the Fifth Amendment. This is because they knew that is you keep punishing somebody for something they did wrong bad things happen. Good luck idiots!

    • #40624 Reply

      Florida’s homeless can be arrested. interesting. While I have hesitated to tell my story on Tales on the registry, I am going to do it pretty soon, Why I got involved with all of this. Sure we all do wrong things but still two wrongs dont’ make a right.

      Seems there is a lot of debate on here about this homeless thing or Tent City thing. Even Andy wants to say we should file a law suit and it goes on an one. Even Capt Charles and WC want to I suppose compare notes to help in this fight for the sex offender while Maestro and Fred are slugging it out so to speak a bit. Even Danny on here came up with a good answer that everyone should live by today ” we all need to erase the hate” to much of it today.

      Me I just sit back in my Virginia house, actually I wouldn’t even have a home if my sister’s and brothers didn’t pitch in in my time of distress and yes we all get in a time of distress but this thing is not like being a weekend warrior or maybe a DUI charge or maybe getting caught with a little pot when we all were in college or something like that.
      Sure I feel sorry for those people but still its up to the state of florida to seek them shelter since most of those people are a type of outcase from society it seems today. Sure one guy talks on here about witch hunts but how witch huntsd got to the computer age I dont’ know. Now dont’ get me wrong on this one sometimes one has to go thru the experience to understand it.

      Now when I was in my young hitchicking days I stayed in a few shelters to get the experience and one has to appreciate the people. its all a part of growing up at times.

      I use to look at my sex registry situation in a dim light but there is something that seems missing in all this. I’m sure we will come to the truth and a lot of this sex offender ordiances and situations will be over soon. Isn’t that why NARSOL and my friend Vicky Henry are here to help others caught up in all this.

    • #40854 Reply
      The Nation

      Something needs to be done about this all over the nation. When people make a mistake and is punished for the rest of their lives this is insane. A sex offender cannot live near a school but a murder can walk right through a school door and kill our kids at any given day. What is wrong with this picture. Everybody deserve a chance of forgiveness. I understand their are real sex offenders I am not talking about that. I am talking about men and women that made a mistake. You can tell because it was 30 years 15, 20 for some and they are still being punish. Will someone tell me where is the justice in this. This is all about money and destroying the lives of citizens.

    • #40417 Reply

      “ We have rights to and supervision should never be an excuse to abridge those rights to any extent”

      Wow! We agree on something!
      I’m also sick to death of even those who advocate for us always making sure to say “When they’ve completed their supervision….” NO! The moment we are released from incarceration we should have the liberty to LIVE OUR LIVES. Otherwise, don’t release us. Period.

      My aunt passed away 2 months ago and she lives in Ohio. My probation officer wanted an ACTION PLAN in order to allow me to drive to Ohio with my mother and stepfather to CREMATE my aunt.

      Here’s my “action plan”; I’m gonna go cremate my aunt. Wanna come along? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • #40465 Reply

      Good response to you supervising officer.

      I am not going to lie. There are many things I greatly enjoy but can never do again due to my status of being on Community Supervision for Life and as a registered sex offender and I resent the fact that I can no longer:

      (1) Go bowling
      (2) Go to the movies
      (3) Go to the park on a beautiful day
      (4) Participate in amateur theater
      (5) Engage in any recreational activity that would require travel out of state. I wasn’t even allowed to cross state lines from my hometown into Corinth, Mississippi to take a state-mandated polygraph! I could go to Mississippi daily if I had a job, but “just” to take a polygraph interstate travel is not justified.
      (6) Attend live theatrical productions or concerts.
      (7) Go to a popular fishing spot because the area is considered a park.
      (8) Sing with the choir I was a member of the last year of my freedom in 2001

      Even though I can’t do these things and it angers me greatly and stirs deep resentment toward the state, I cannot be angry with my supervising officer. From the start he has been fair and reasonable with me. Any time I want to go visit family who lives outside of the area I’m allowed to travel in without special permission he has always allowed it without hesitation. All he asks is that I call or text when I leave and again when I get back home. I can’t travel out of state to visit family, but if I want to go to another city or town in Tennessee which is in a county that does not physically border my home county I can call my officer and get permission without any hassle.

      I have been on supervision since late-March 2012. I have complied with the terms of my supervision by the numbers. I have passed every semi-annual polygraph thus far because I follow my rules very carefully. There’s nothing worth going to jail over!

      I was on G.P.S. tracking for the first 5 years of my supervision, but in March 2017 the ankle bracelet was removed.

      My officer has complimented me on my compliance and how I’ve gone back to school and graduated WITH HONORS from an I.T. course. I can honestly say he trusts me more than most of his other offenders. He has told me as much. He told me not too long ago that he’s not sure he could trust his other offenders to work very far away from or even outside of their home counties, but he knew he could trust me to work in any location because he knows I’d do the right thing. That kind of compliment means a lot to me. Building trust is important. I know I’m not completely trusted, but that’s to be expected because molesting a child is the worst way possible to violate trust. He has also told me on multiple occasions that if everyone was as compliant as I am his job would be all but obsolete. That too is a huge compliment.

      Ever since starting supervision back in late-March 2012 I have had to be in treatment every time class met. At first, classes were only held monthly, but several years back the frequency was changed to weekly. Back in February 2018 I was cut back to only coming to treatment class once per month. That’s a decision the treatment provider makes in consultation with the officer. When the treatment provider told me in class that starting in February I’ll only have to come once a month, another offender asked for the same thing. She told the offender, “Mr. _________ has been on supervision for 6 years and hasn’t even sneezed wrong!” That really made me feel good. She doesn’t cut anyone any slack.

      I understand that when it comes to sex offender supervision, my officer’s neck is in the noose almost to the same extent as mine. I know he has a wife and several kids to provide for. I know if he doesn’t administer this abominable supervision to the state’s satisfaction they will simply and without hesitation fire him and find someone else who will. To date he has NEVER been the kind to take a bad day in his personal life out on me or any other offender. He has never been the type of officer who just looks for a reason to file a violation report on one of his offenders. Sometimes my officer is actually too nice, but he is one of those who truly cares. I believe he doesn’t want to see any of his offenders get locked up, but at the same time he has a job to do and he will do it.

      I get the vibe (and I may be wrong) that in some instances, he knows he could trust me to do a given activity and were it solely up to him personally he’d more than likely give me permission, but he is scared of what his superiors will do to him if he allows it. These officers have a sword over their heads too. They are the fall guy if a supervised offender re-offends.

      I’ll illustrate my point with an actual event. He had a child molester on his caseload who unbeknownst to him had been having little boys over to his house, which was a HUGE violation of supervision. It turned out he had molested them. This molester was also wearing a G.P.S. ankle bracelet just like I wore for the first 5 years of my supervision. The only reason my officer and several others at the district office did not get fired is they had him on G.P.S. These officers are blamed if one of us should re-offend. I don’t think that’s right. They don’t have the money to provide enough officers to have a 1:1 officer-to-offender ratio. These officers can’t watch their offenders 24/7/365.25.

      Besides all of that, these officers have families with kids. They need time to be a husband and father. The state does NOT care if an officer has to go out at 2 in the morning on Christmas Day to check on a “master tamper” alert given off by an offender’s ankle monitor.

      First, I get angry with myself for having made such a-moral (without morals) choices. To me a-moral is worse than immoral. Secondly I am resentful toward the state politicians. They’re the ones who wrote and passed the Registration and Community Supervision for Life laws.

      Side Note:
      The fact that a supervised offender re-offended while on G.P.S. monitoring proves that when you get right down to it G.P.S. tracking is a waste of time, money, effort, and aggravation. G.P.S. only shows where you are located. It doesn’t tell anyone who you’re with or what you’re doing. That offender who molested those little boys he was having over to his house didn’t set off any flags because he was at home where he was supposed to be. This incident also proves that if an offender has it in mind to re-offend he will find a way regardless of the legal restrictions or supervision. If a person has it in mind to stay on the straight and narrow, he will do so regardless of how much or how little he is supervised.

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