Being registered — just the beginning

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      Originally published at By Pheobe . . . I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I work a full-time job as well as side jobs to generate income.  I am
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      In the 2 years dealing a family member going through this I recognized that registrants became a booming business and a solid platform for anyone seeking funding, votes, support, a 5th or 10th term in office, and free doughnuts.

      Everyone supporting this system is contributing to a disgusting display of retributive justice. The policy makers, the police, district attorneys, and the ones running the jails and prisons. They don’t do it to protect the children, that’s the cover. They do it to enact inhumanities beyond comprehension. A criminal gets punished but the system that does the punishing believes in its self-righteous duty.

      Which they are no better than Nazis in their pursuit.

      So it is my hope and belief that this world WILL come around and see the error of its ways. But unfortunately they play a brand of chess where the rules change and always against the registrant.

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        Not mention the counseling and psychiatric business that is booming due to required treatment. With the SVP status, they then have a captive lifetime income.

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      WOW whiz sounds pretty good to me but but even a donut has holes. Sure we can all compare this offender ordeal to a chess game with sex as the starter pawn. And sure it is upsetting to family members. I believe you called it Nazis in persuit. One wonders if government is self righteous in this or is government a law unto themselve.

      Sure one can get caught up in a lot of this just or unjust punishment or do authorities go bad also with their “Hail Hibbler”. One wonders who serves the creature or are we all creatures of our own destination or habit. Sure people are in rage over much of this sex registry. So who is upset over a lot of this abomination today.

      There is a three letter word that even man can’t even understand today. And that three letter word is “why” or why do the heathern rage? Even most of the new’s today is not worth watching. TV is not wholesome for many today. Nothing wrong with little christianity today or are we all like a greedy dog. Restoring true justice is good or are we all on probation in this Blue’s Brother kayos that doesn’t balance out in this intimidating ordeal for many.

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      frederickson v. Landeros

      omg everyone thank you so much for your comments… i have continued to carry the torch no matter how heavy or how hot it may have become… i need your help now.. i have kept a low profile but now that last 500 feet i really need your help making it…. trolls and ill intent as well as so called internet interdiction teams now re-tasked to cause as much chaos on the internet as possible… has taken its toll… my channel is corbelief on you tube… please join and help me fix the broken minds creating a faulty justice system we all now face… this is much more important now that covid and the same abuse is now everyone’s problem… i have much to share with you including 20+ years educating myself to be able to stand when others have ran or just consented to remain in jail rather then suffer the wrath of a scarlet letter. thank you so much for your efforts.. without that i would have never had the courage myself to stand for what is right…

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