AZ Sup. Ct. rules unanimously against enhancements where no child is involved

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      PHOENIX — Judges cannot impose enhanced sentences on those convicted of soliciting sex with a minor when it turns out there was no child to begin with
      [See the full post at: AZ Sup. Ct. rules unanimously against enhancements where no child is involved]

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      How is it that if you cannot see a cop on the side of the highway, it’s entrapment, but situations like the internet stings are not? If an undercover posing as a prostitute coerces a person to solicit sex, it’s entrapment. Isn’t that the same thing these stings are doing online?

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      Jo mine

      So…does this mean that the “thought” police in AZ who entrap men and women with these so called “sting” internet operations are working in contrary to the LAW now? Entrapment and conviction due to “thought” is more than dangerous to a society of people than everyone tap-dancing on a rickety bridge.

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      Jeremy its called “Playing the harlot”. Me and one of my friends discussed that about a year or so ago and I sit down one night and wrote a paper on it. Sure I still have that paper and as one lawyer I talked to he agrees with me as a matter of fact there playing the sin squad in some of these cases. Repentance, I don’t even think a lot of them know what that is so its an education for both side’s.

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      I think the concept of Stings is reprehensible, especially when initiated by Law Enforcement or police officers posing as adolescent or underage children. Ironic that the officer/law enforcement agency puts forth the same immoral and predatory ideas as those they wish to incriminate. There are no angels here. ———Laws around intent aside, when there is no real victim, there is no real crime. If we were all imprisoned for an immoral thought, no one would be free.

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      This is exactly what Chris Hansen’s show “to catch a predator ” does which is a sting operation but on national tv with a vigilante group “perverted justice” to play the role of minor victims that are not real to lure their target to a house they were invited to which is a setup for police sting operation.

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      I remember before I had to register I had a messenger account I also closed before I had to register as well, I remembered chatting with some girl for about a month or so, I remember asking how old she was and she said that she was 21 , for some reason I had asked her how old she was this was at the 1 month mark and she said she was 15 I said wait a second here you told me you were 21 then this person started to backtrack, I just ended the conversation right there and even closed my account, yea there out there and they try crap like that to lure people in. I wasn’t looking for a date of anything like that they had just appeared on my messenger somehow.
      But if you know they are that age to begin with and you are well over 18 years old and you go to meet them for sex then sorry to say you get what you get no pun intended. And no I am no better then anyone else on the registers my so called victim was my girlfriend who my brother and his girlfriend set me up with, she lied about her age to them that’s why they set us up and she even lied to me about her age, she got pregnant and went to the healt department to get a pregnancy test and they aske how old her boyfriend was and then from there they called to police who pressed charges, her mother knew we were dating and I at 19 looked liked I was 16 so her mother never questioned our relationship, all the people she ran with were over 18 and she had been seeing other men who were older as well but they were never charged because they denied having sex with her or maybe they never did, they attempted to charge her mother as well but she denied knowledge of the whole situation so I guess I was invisible when I walked into there home. do I ask people for there ID no but I also don’t date anymore as I am married.

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        I’ve come to the conclusion that many times when people are talking with a “pretend” underage person, and the conversation goes on a few different days, what happens is the cops take shifts and one cop doesn’t know what the other cop said to their target ‘suspect’ when they clock in to assume the role of the underage person.
        That’s why it seems like the underage person you’re talking to tends to mess up on what you spoke about in previous conversations.
        Just a thought.

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          Yea I think your right about that, one cop clocks in for the day then clocks out, the other cop starts the next day then goes home, then the next cop clocks in and says oh I’m 15 years old and then there busted slipping up like you said. It happened very similarly to that as I can remember it.

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      Brian you guys have got something right their. I have at least 60 on my computer and I never open them. I just save them put them all together in a file and I’m sure if I forward them to someone that could take a look at all this deviant deception that someone could figure that this is a cottage industry to induce one into all this sexual folly. We’ve all heard it before about those things and Brian spoke up on that one. Man at times will do anything to hold others accountable for. Its all about money in the end.

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        Hahaha….I couldn’t help it man, I just have to tell you that for the longest time I’ve read your posts where you misused the spelling of “there” (should have been “their”) when referring to people and this time when you said “you’ve got something right their” you used the spelling for meaning people rather than “there” for a term of expression.

        Just thought you should know since I’ve seen you talk about how you do a lot of writing 😉

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          Lol @ Maestro
          Yea I have always had problems with proper grammar and usage, maybe I should go back to school if it’s legal anyhow.

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        That makes a lot of sense o even get stuff on my face time app which I have only ever used 1 time and that was with my wife when she was away. Yea I think you hit the nail on the head there that’s for sure.

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      Maestro, you are right and I’m glad someone pointed that out to me. Sure I could chalk it up to watching to many Cheech and Chong movies back in my hay days but their is no excuse. Its just like some of these sting operations, theirs no excuse for them. Whether its being caught up in a whole lot of porno or being duped by law enforcment or even doing some physical encounter it seems its all balled up into one mold.
      Maestro you bring up some really good points on here, some may not agree with your points and some might. Now if you would like to think about this enhancement thing its just like the farmer priming the pump. Law enforcement want to instill, or pump one in a lot of these encounters. I’m sure that their are many in the USA that have those gals wanting to hook up with one on their computer saying, Hi I’m good’n’ fun want to have a good time or lets get together or something like that. Someone should investigate a lot of this out that are not involved with this sex offender ordeal as I would have to say that is something rotten in denmark with these type of things. Causing one to stumble or lose their freedom or liberty is very sad indeed

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      Now Jeremy brought up a good question, A lot of people can call it entrapment but its a snare. Yea we can all say ” Playing the harlot” but just what does that mean, I leave that up to you all but here is a refresher on it and I’m sure a lot will appreciate it, Here’s a biblical view of it and I believe everybody will be better off to understand this principal.
      We are all in this crisis in some means and measure and sound advice from the bible is always good. Hey guys I’m still learning too.

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      Crime with no victim? This doesn’t sound right to me or at least offenders of this caliber do not belong in one of the most severely punished group of human beings on the planet. Even Offender doesn’t work offended who? I’m calling BS on this one they just don’t want to give up there giant entrapment machine that they have made.

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      Kay Taylor

      I was told by a person who knows because he was there – that for everything that you could possibly imagine there is a sting agent. There are rooms full of computers and agents 24/7/365. They are all liars and they do it well.

      I say Karma rules and what goes around also comes around, sting agents are not excluded.

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