Autism and the registry: one man’s story

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      Michael McKay
      Michael McKay

      By Michael McKay . . . I received this letter from a listener who felt compelled to contact me after hearing my recent interview with Dr. Nicolas Dubi
      [See the full post at: Autism and the registry: one man’s story]

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      Humbly stated, well described EFFECTS of poor social structures impact upon those reared within the cultural regime. Too bad it’s anonymous.

      I believe this person acutely describes the drawbacks to psychological absolutism in human sexuality. Normal human development is impossible to define outside the culturally framed definitions established by common law AND understanding.

      It is ” normal” in our (American) culture to permit the removal of foreskin of young male’s penis shortly after birth. The process of promulgation is referred to as circumcision. Circumcision is a “collegial medical term” for “the mutilation of human sexual organs” to fit cultural expectations of “cleanliness” and “decency”. It is the choice of the parents to engage or not to engage in the practice. Clearly in behavioral terms, Americans are just fine ( morally & legally) with genital mutilation. BUT will they acknowledge it ” genital mutilation by knife or device” NO? Most would claim complete innocence by claim of cultural “norm”.

      The author of this letter pointedly expresses his journey from one extreme to the other, but all is culturally driven as he perceived what ” normal” was. In short, he learned. Experienced both ends and will land in the middle, hopefully. His dichotomy a perfect snapshot of American politics left first then right, each in extreme. Then the people still find Miss Closs & her perp and wonder how.

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      “As I grew older and lonelier, I got angrier and angrier. I resented how easy it seemed for my peers to find a mate, to build a life, and to find happiness. I began to think that I was inferior and that God hated me and had cursed me. Over time, my anger became a deep and seething rage. Why was I being persecuted in this way? Why weren’t women interested in me? How would I ever be able to find a loving partner and raise a family? The one thing I wanted – a normal life, which seemed to come so easily for everyone else – was being denied to me by a vindictive God and his cruel conspirators. I was furious with everyone except for the children. They were always kind to me.”

      Now this person is blacklisted from these things by the registry. I hope they make it.

      Best Regards


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      Kyle Flammang

      I am very thankful and grateful that people talk about their experiences on this website, publicly. I am a lifetime registered sex offender in the state of Florida. There was not a tier system to decide upon my punishment for having oral sex with a 16 year old minor that fully consented in 2009, nor is there now. I have been through hell in regards to treatment by law enforcement and by public individuals that know nothing about the specifics of what took place that lead to me being labeled as a sex offender for life by the state of Florida, and furthermore, currently, by the state of Nebraska.

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