Recent Landmark Decisions – Attorneys Jeff Gamso and Lea Bickerton

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      The basis for litigation reform and the results of civil rights litigation vary widely from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This presentation examines a number of challenges from the past couple of years and seeks to understand the key constitutional arguments that have been made, what has been successful, and the reason why there are such disparate results between states and circuits.
      [See the full post at: Conference 2018 – Recent Landmark Decisions – Attorneys Jeff Gamso and Lea Bickerton


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      I’m suprised that someone hasnt’ commented on this video between the too lawyers. I find it very interesting that none of them had a conclusion to all this punitive and non punitive, civil matters or public safety issue. Of course the public attorney just gets to argue the case Now I took notes on all this viedo and had to review it three times. Sure a lot of this is all wrong and what man is going to admit their mistakes.

      What did impress me is one of the keys which is accountablity. Sure we are all going to be accountable for. The GPS monitoring they say is for public safety. What is public safety? Is it to be duped by those that suppose to protect and serve or is it a conspircy to predict one’s judgment call to how potty the mouth was. Did it involve a real person or was the influence by those in law enforcement to get their “feel good” quota for the day.

      Sure we all could go around and around about who deternmines GPS monitoring or who pays for this but in the long run what goes around comes around. Should you make a public spectacle of putting this conviction on the internet NO. Is all this punitive yes, Does a lot of this merit an amount of punishment, depending on the ordeal or encounter.

      Yes we all still have our righs whether we took a plea deal or not as governments are crafty and good at covering up. And yes we are still a Christian nation, not on religionists and not on religon, interesting right, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Patrick Henry said that and he is one of the founding fathers. Now you all should understand the rest. Thank you and thank NARSOL and Brenda and the Staff for enlighten us with this video as it is very informative if one listens. so their should be a lot more comments coming by others that seek turth in true justice.

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      Mel G

      How is Lea Bickerton on this site talking about Civil Rights and she clearly doesn’t care about them. I hired her to represent me in a case the whole time all she did was lie to me take my money get to court and she clearly doesn’t have a plan lied about submitting paperwork to which I have evidence that she don’t lost a case to where there was no evidence. I had to collect my own evidence because she did nothing at all to represent me. She also froze my case for over a year and lied to me and told me it couldn’t be expedited. Went to court and lost and tried to charge me another 2200 dollars for a case she clearly thrown and she’s on hear trying to talk about Civil Rights and she certainly didn’t care about mine. The only thing she cares about is the mighty dollar. She’s using this platform to gian more clients to rip off like she did me. I don’t trust anything she does and NARSOL shouldn’t either.

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      Melvin T Gregory

      Saddles Attorney Bickerton is lost especially on Civil Matters pertaining to Due process and Civil Rights that’s why on the video you’re seeing you don’t get the answers your looking for.

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