America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog

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      Daniel Silverman

      By Daniel Silverman . . . For those who are not into the comic book genre of films, you may not know the name James Gunn. He has recently been fired a
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      Tim L


      Thank you gunney for fidelis to our constitution.

      The real purpose behind the ex post limitations contained thereon EFFICIENCY! Plain and simple. Upholding ” the plain words” is paramount so that all may follow easily and intelligently with honor intact. Unfortunately, our collective social contract has been intellectualized to benefit a certain group. As a federal program thrust upon the state’s SORNA certainly employed many an attorney on both sides. Simply put, the trial lawyer set received a big bone to chew on VIA SORNA.

      SORNA birthed other occupational fields benefits for unionized protectors: DOC agents, AGs offices, State police begat approximately 150 to 500 positions depending upon the size of the state.

      No single group benefited more than big data vendors. Big Data is big business in the information age. Alaska V Doe filling threw open the doors to unfettered use of databases and networks. Big brother needed domestic warrantless search and they got it.

      A humble 94B.

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        Edward A Nightingale

        I think it has also help the LPC industry too as it has given them a captive client list.

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        Edward Nightingale

        Another group benefiting from the registry are the LPCs, especially the ones that are on the assessment boards as the determine who needs on the registry, and to what degree (tier). The LPC then has a captive client. A lot like the fox that guards the hen house. What better way to ensure a very steady lucrative income than by setting the standard of care required and then being the one to supply that care.

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      Great piece! So again, what are we going to do about it? I have heard of no marches. I have read of no lawsuits of civil rights violations in mass numbers in each State for each of the over 900,000 SOR’s & financial damage to the puppet masters and their coffers, the Government bodies (States, FBI, Courts, District Attorneys/Prosecutors running these schemes.No one helps me, why should I help anyone? If, as you article implies (to me), there is no hope then, why bother being civil or peaceful or aspiring to better one self or change for better or become a productive member of society? Why do any of that? And please, everyone spare me the religious fairy tales reasons of why? I am asking for logical answers.

      …by the way, came across this:

      Pennsylvania board: Bill Cosby is ‘sexually violent predator’
      The Montgomery County District Attorney has requested a hearing so a judge can decide if Cosby will be classified as a sexually violent predator. 13 hours ago

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        Daniel Silverman

        I wrote this piece in frustration and as a means of working through my thoughts, to be frank.

        As far as the marches and any logical response (and I can’t promise logic here, to be honest) … well … I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m frightened and depressed. Each time I’ve tried to build something, each time I’ve tried to succeed so I can just live my life, I’ve had it taken away from me. Time and time again. Being on the registry just makes it all that much easier. The end result, regardless of whether it’s proper or not, is for me to want to withdrawal, hide away, and wish to just be left alone. True, it doesn’t do any good for anyone else, it doesn’t help the situation or anyone else on the registry, but I’ve gotten to the point where, frankly, I just want to live out the rest of my life and be left in peace.

        As far as lawsuits and all that, it’s pretty difficult when 1) many of us don’t have any money (I know I don’t) and 2) many lawyers don’t seem to want to touch these issues with a 10 foot pole. Many of us feel like there is no way out, which is probably why so many on the registry end up taking their own lives.

        I came out of jail over a decade ago with hope that I could still do something with my life. Instead, I’ve been beaten down again and again. Whether we like that or not, it has an affect on you.

        There is no logic in this. Not for me. I am depressed and filled with emotional angst. I’m just being honest here. I don’t have any answers. If it weren’t for a woman who loves me dearly, I know I would not be breathing today. I live because I love her and she loves me. Without this one simple thing, I would honestly have nothing much left to live for.

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        Until there is a significant price paid for the unconstitutional atrocities brought to bare on registered citizens there will be no relief for registered citizens. I look at my broken life and shattered dreams that I did not commit the crime for and I have HATE. I look back at the dog and pony show in the kangaroo court that got me here and I have RAGE. I am not the only one in this spot I know I cannot be. The person these brain dead vigilantes are creating is 100 x more dangerous and 100 x more unstable then the person they thought they captured and didn’t bother to prove beyond reasonable doubt nor have evidence other then the circumstantial kind. I want to hurt them so bad I think about it every day. I talk myself down daily anymore. I am the reason it is better to release 10 guilty people then to wrongful convict one. They should thank GOD that I believe in religious fairy tales because it is the only reason they are alive. This is me having a bad day.


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      Sandy Rozek

      Whoa, enough of that. I sentence you each to go read all of the Humans on the Registry entries twice!

      Dan didn’t originally write this for publication. I know Dan’s full story, going way back, and he “sounds-off” to me. That’s what this was, and I persuaded him to let me publish it because it is powerful, but maybe that was a mistake. Dan has been a carefully selected victim of a personal, anonymous vigilante who has made it his mission to destroy whatever Dan built, time after time after time.

      That is not true for those of you who are writing these comments. Many on the registry are successful and happy and living fulfilled lives. They accomplish that in spite of the impediments that the registry throws up. I know that for many, depending on the circumstances, that is not true. That is why NARSOL exists. I am not belittling anyone’s personal experiences and hardships, but giving up is not an option. Dan isn’t giving up. He is living; he is loving; he is writing, and he is becoming a powerful voice for our advocacy. Each person has his part to play. Please find yours.

      I recently posted this as part of another comment to encourage people to get involved. That is the best way to fight off depression and hopelessness: Familiarize yourself with current proposed legislation in your state, pick an issue close to you that you care about, get one like-minded friend to go with you, and make appointments to start visiting legislators’ offices; EVERYONE has that right. You will meet with their staff people at first, but that’s okay; it’s a beginning. Attend hearings; sign up to speak at the public sessions. If every person reading this did this in his state at either the local or the state level, it would make a difference.

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        Daniel Silverman

        Hi Sandy. I am glad you asked if you could publish my email to you. No harm done, as far as I’m concerned. So, no, I don’t believe it was a mistake. If people are commenting and thinking, then that’s a good thing. I think the people who’ve commented are, like me, frustrated at what is going on and how people on the registry continue to be negatively affected despite having supposedly served their time for the crime they were incarcerated for. This frustration manifests itself in many ways. And I think we see some of that here.

        We’d all like to see things improved. Some of us just feel absolutely powerless to do anything.

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        Awww Sandy,

        I know you mean well but…..

        “Whoa, enough of that. I sentence you each to go read all of the Humans on the Registry entries twice!”

        When I read these I get even madder. Just because someone else has managed to be content in a life of complete misery and injustice does not mean everyone can or should. Especially those of us who actually are not guilty of the crime we were convicted of. The sex offender program is a virtual penis severing and it is meant to be just this. Lets face it how many sex offenders stand a chance of getting a date? The human thing would be to castrate us because we still have desires and most of use will never find a woman that will look past the BS. You do not know the male sex drive you cannot understand. Join a dating site and as soon as you get to the part were you are asked your name this will be the last communication from this potential mate. It does not work this way for the females on the registry. Without love there is nothing. We are hated people!

        ” Dan has been a carefully selected victim of a personal, anonymous vigilante who has made it his mission to destroy whatever Dan built, time after time after time.” “That is not true for those of you who are writing these comments.”

        Do you know this?

        “Many on the registry are successful and happy and living fulfilled lives.”

        When you say many it needs to be more then half right? I think the majority of people on the registry wish they were dead. I’m not giving up on anything I don’t give up ever but my patients does have its limitations. The majority of society today is a narcissistic, greedy, uncaring piece of trash. People love to see people fail, get hurt, and lose, it is like entertainment for them. I am almost 50 and it is like I’m living in an alternate universe from what I grew up in. All I ever wanted was to have a family of my own and live life to its fullest and celebrate every day to its fullest this is not possible anymore. People cannot be aloud to do this to people plain and simple.

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          Sandy Rozek

          D, I hear you and I understand. I think you are missing part of the point. Those in the Humans project and many – yes, many – others are not happy IN a life of misery. They are happy in a life that is not miserable. I personally know quite a few registrants, and they are all, to varying degrees, happy and fulfilled in their lives, and I hear from many others who are. I don’t know how many many has to be. I don’t know how many of the total are married or dating or have families. I know it is a lot.

          I know it is horrible for many, many more. I know loneliness and isolation are major factors, and I know the suicide rate is higher than the norm. I am devastated by that knowledge. That is the reason that I do what I do. That is the reason that NARSOL exists.

          I am glad that you are not giving up. Hope is essential. And so are you and every single person who deserves to live a life with hope.

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          Daniel Silverman

          “When I read these I get even madder. Just because someone else has managed to be content in a life of complete misery and injustice does not mean everyone can or should. Especially those of us who actually are not guilty of the crime we were convicted of.”

          Like you, I also claim my innocence. It’s a long story that I won’t get into here. However, innocent or not, it doesn’t matter (for the sake of this discussion). We are on the registry and there is very little likelihood that we will ever be able to be removed from it, innocent or not. So, until that day comes (either something amazing happens and we are allowed off the registry or the registry just goes away, etc.), we have to find a way to live, to survive while on it. We have little choice.

          “Lets face it how many sex offenders stand a chance of getting a date? The human thing would be to castrate us because we still have desires and most of use will never find a woman that will look past the BS.”

          This is simply not the case. Whether someone will give you a chance has a lot more to do with attitude and presentation (how you look, how you present yourself). I am now engaged to a wonderful woman who loves me for who I am, believes in me, and is willing to put up with the crap I am going through because of her love for me. I didn’t meet her until the end of 2016, but I’d been on a few dates before meeting her. In each case, I was upfront about being on the registry. I explained the charge, my side of the story, and told each I would perfectly understand if they wanted nothing to do with me. In most cases, they were willing to at least hang out and talk.

          “You do not know the male sex drive you cannot understand. Join a dating site and as soon as you get to the part were you are asked your name this will be the last communication from this potential mate.”

          Well, I am a man and I understand the male sex drive. I also understand that it can be easily controlled. It is not something that should ever control you or anyone.

          Also, people on the registry are not supposed to be on dating sites according to most site’s rules. So, you probably shouldn’t be trying to use dating sites to find a potential partner. Not trying to be mean, but meeting someone only online and then finding out they are on the registry is a sure way to make people think the worst of you. It will appear to them as if you are looking for a target. It may not be true, but people are taught to fear these types of things. There are other ways of meeting people. The human race has been doing it for, well, ever. 😉

          “The majority of society today is a narcissistic, greedy, uncaring piece of trash. People love to see people fail, get hurt, and lose, it is like entertainment for them. I am almost 50 and it is like I’m living in an alternate universe from what I grew up in. All I ever wanted was to have a family of my own and live life to its fullest and celebrate every day to its fullest this is not possible anymore. People cannot be aloud to do this to people plain and simple.”

          Well, look at history. It seems that people have almost always been narcissistic, greedy, and uncaring as a whole. I am 52, so about in the same age bracket as you are. I also feel like the world is different than it was when I was growing up. But I think that’s more a matter of perception. Had I never been arrested, had I never been put on the registry, I might have gone on with my life, ignorant of who bad things really are. We all tend to walk around with blinders on to some degree or other. When those blinders, in one or more areas, are suddenly removed, it is shocking, to say the least.

          Like you, I just want to live my life. Like you, I am frustrated, but I refuse to give up.

          Hang in there, D. Keep pressing on. And try to find joy where you can.

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            Hello Dan,

            “Well, I am a man and I understand the male sex drive. I also understand that it can be easily controlled. It is not something that should ever control you or anyone.”

            This statement was meant for Sandy or any other female that might care about our plight. she does not understand this and how it is absolute torture to be legally C@@K blocked by the state you live in. I admit i was never good at dating before I got my life taken from me. To add to this disability is to close the door completely for me. I am not a handsome Vet with an over abundance of confidence and great hair LOL!

            “Well, look at history. It seems that people have almost always been narcissistic, greedy, and uncaring as a whole. I am 52, so about in the same age bracket as you are. I also feel like the world is different than it was when I was growing up. But I think that’s more a matter of perception. Had I never been arrested, had I never been put on the registry, I might have gone on with my life, ignorant of who bad things really are. We all tend to walk around with blinders on to some degree or other. When those blinders, in one or more areas, are suddenly removed, it is shocking, to say the least.”

            I have a theory about this. I think that in the past people used to believe in religion and they thought there would be consequences in a after life for doing wrong to others. This has been systematically destroyed by people who want to do things that go against this religion leaving us with generations of less and less caring individuals and plenty of laws to allow for things that used to be considered wrong. There were no kids shooting up high schools in my day. 12 jurors in this day and age are about the same as a firing line if they don’t like you. They are all vigilantes they ignore the instructions and go straight to personal opinion or whatever will get them back to their lives quickest. You can kill a baby before it comes out of a womb but if you wash the baby to thoroughly when your changing their diaper you are a child molester and are worse off then a murderer. This society is mentally ill Period! There is no bright side to this.

            Thanks for your input.

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            Daniel Silverman

            Hi D,

            I will say that I had sat on your response for a bit. I’d even started to write out a rather lengthy response, but thought better of it. I will just say that I cannot agree with what you’ve stated. I will leave it at that.

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      I was released from prison on March 19, 2012 after serving every last day of 10 years 2 months 12 days for my sex crimes. By May 2012 I was enrolled in an I.T. course at the local technical college. I earned my CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. That was not enough to overcome my felony record. Every and I do mean EVERY employer I’ve ever applied to in the I.T. or computer repair industry for a job has shunned me because of my record. There are many jobs I can’t even apply for due to the statutory restrictions set forth in TN Code Annotated 40-39-211 (Residence and Work Restrictions).

      In Sept. 2015 I took that same course again so that I could renew my Network+ certification and finish the course. I graduated with honors in April 2017 and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Do any of you think all that did any good? Nope.

      I had been contacted by an I.T. staffing agency’s head hunter about a job as a desktop support technician for Caterpillar (a tractor company) in Corinth, MS. This was almost 2 years ago, I think. I told them up front about my felony sex offense from April 2002. I was told the background check only went back seven years. I was offered the job. I was told I had it if I wanted it. I was given the web link to start the on-boarding paperwork. I came across a question about having ever been convicted of a felony. I called the recruiter and asked how to answer that. She said answer “Yes” I did. She called her supervisor to ask if I still had the job and guess what? The offer was rescinded even though I told them about my felony and its nature and even after I was told I HAD THE JOB IF I WANTED IT. What’s right about that?

      I have a minimum activity business license and do computer repair from my home. I have 2 business customers, but I am in a small rural town that is slowly but surely dying. I don’t have the means to live anywhere besides with my retired parents. The business is just too sporadic for me to make a living.

      When is enough ever enough? I’m not the same person I was in 2002. I get lists of “felon friendly” employers, but they are nothing of the sort. I don’t know what idiot compiles those lists, but they are NOT felon friendly and even if they are “felon friendly” that doesn’t mean “sex offender friendly”. Why isn’t there a list of sex offender-friendly employers by state? Because they don’t in all likelihood exist. If there are any, the jobs would probably the ones where you get worked into the ground like a rented mule with a joke for a paycheck (min. wage or maybe 25-50 cents above) and are expected to put in daily overtime for the foreseeable future. I can’t hold up to that. I went to school so as not to have to rely on such slave wage jobs. I haven’t found one felon-friendly employer who will hire registrants for white-collar I.T. or computer repair jobs.

      I’m sick of it just like Daniel Silverman.

      I know this sounds hateful and un-Christian, but it’s to the point that I wish every last person who so rabidly supports these types of discriminatory policies and laws would end up convicted of a predatory sexual offense themselves or maybe their husbands, wives, or children just so they can see what it’s like. Nothing cures problems like this better than a stout, unrelenting dose of empathy. They need to feel the full sting of life on the registry as a convicted sex felon. That’s the only way I see this travesty stopping is when it lands on the front doorsteps of every idiot that supports these laws and policies that stomp us down over and over again.

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        Daniel Silverman

        “Why isn’t there a list of sex offender-friendly employers by state?”

        Because being listed as such would mean the end of their businesses. People would boycott them and claim that these businesses were secretly run by pedophiles. I had my artwork displayed in a comic shop (at their request). When they found out I was on the registry, they asked for me to take back my art because they feared they would lose business.

        It’s “heroic” to hire felons, except sex offenders. Take, for example, the actor Danny Trejo and the numerous crimes he had committed in his past. Yet, he turned his life around and is a very different man. I’ve met him and he is one of the nicest people you could meet. Society will applaud him for becoming the man he is today, someone very different than he once was. As a result, it’s okay for Mr. Trejo to be in films and make appearances at conventions and just generally be around people. We want him to succeed, especially in light of his extremely violent past and the amazing 180 he’s done on his life. But if Mr. Trejo had committed a sexual offense among his other numerous crimes? You can bet that he wouldn’t be where he is today, no matter how much he’d changed.

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      Florida Lists You For Peeing In The Park For LIFE!

      Great article and observations. This phenomenon is further explained in this great BBC article.

      Seems that our brains are “hard-wired” for this sort of thing.


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      I’m going to chime in here and say a couple of things:

      1. I think it’s GREAT to publish articles that will get our emotions going. Sandy, you mentioned many people on the registry doing well and moving on with life. That’s great. But that’s NOT the majority. Think about the people living under bridges and in parks and homeless shelters. No privacy. No bathrooms. No kitchens. No comfort.
      I have to agree with Dan’s anger. For anyone who has the capabilities and watches “The Walking Dead”, I’ve had my own fantasies about pulling a “Negan” on the people who turned me into a monster. I’m not a “monster” for a fling with a post pubescent teen. I know I’ve stressed this before – It can be ILLEGAL and I can accept that. But to deem me a “threat to the safety of the public” for such a fling is ABSURD!!!

      2. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and I have posted my thoughts about it on several articles of online News and even YouTube videos… check it out…
      So it’s no surprise that people like to use the term “pedophile” even when the “victim” is a post pubescent teen. Ok, I’ll play into their ignorance with that. But I will also keep it real that pedophilia is the interest in PRE-pubescent children. OK. So, on YouTube there were a few videos about the guy who directed “Guardians of the Galaxy” (James Gunn) having said some things on Twitter that were “pedophiliac” in nature (several years ago, mind you) and just recently got fired from Disney.
      The comments on those videos were astounding! Almost everyone threatening MURDER against ALL sex offenders/pedophiles. So, guess who chimed in…. me! 🙂

      I basically said this on a few YouTube videos about James Gunn:

      “You should all feel very proud of yourselves to promote/incite the murdering of other human beings just because their offense deals with SEX. What would YOU do, Mr. and Miss. “Wonderful” if suddenly the Feds showed up at your door and charged you with a conspiracy to commit murder or incite the advocacy of murder over an electronic device?
      How is it that you don’t call for the murder of drug dealers who sell dope to kids? (I was 13 yrs old buying cocaine from the dealer down the street and he never once said to me: “I can’t sell this to you, you’re too young”. Nope. He TOOK MY MONEY and gave me the coke). Or how about the mudering of those drunk drivers who kill kids all the time?
      So, somehow, no matter what the actual events were (violent, non-violent, consensual but illegal) you want the MURDER of anyone with a sex offense against a minor. And somehow YOU are NOT just as much of a threat to the public for suggesting that? Would you like to be arrested, charged and convicted for what law enforcement and the courts THINK you MIGHT do because of your words posted on a platform that the entire world can use against you? Do you like the idea of the “thought police” convicting people for what they MIGHT do? If you’re in favor of this, then turn yourselves in NOW for promoting the murder of other human beings due to their offenses.
      Also, I find it HILARIOUS for any of you to say that “this will ruin this poor child for the rest of their lives”. Why do I find this hilarious? Listen closely – If the traumatic events of a sexual molestation were to effect this child’s mind to the point where this “child” grows into teens or adulthood and RE-ENACTS THE SAME EVENTS ON ANOTHER CHILD, you’d all be calling for this “poor molested child’s” MURDER like you’re doing to everyone else. You’ll be calling this person a MONSTER who doesn’t deserve to live. And you’d never ONCE stop to think if MAYBE this person committed such a crime because of what happened to them years ago and how they’re “ruined for the rest of their lives” as you all like to claim.
      So, since we LOVE those “thought police”, I have an idea… Any time a child, under 16, is sexually assaulted against their will, or a pre-pubescent child is molested, let’s nip i the bud the future problems of these kids POSSIBLY doing the same thing to another child by PUTTING THESE MOLESTED CHILDREN OUT OF THEIR MISERY. They WILL grow up to commit sex crimes (by your logic) so we may as well end their lives now, don’t ya think? Huh? What? What’s wrong? Why isn’t anyone in favor of this? All of a sudden no one is going to post responses to my brilliant idea? Hmmmmm. I guess it clearly shows that it doesn’t hurt your brain too much to actually THINK before you SPEAK or POST online. Dumb asses.”

      And then I made the little “middle finger” emoji. Still no replies as of yet and it’s been 3 days. I get email notifications when someone replies to my comments on YouTube and I’ve got NOTHING. When you stand up and tell people LIKE IT IS, they back down. When you throw their ignorance in their faces, they back down.
      This is why i keep nagging at the folks of NARSOL to stop with the politically correct approach ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes you just have to go in hard.

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        I know coming out strong and in-your-face seems appealing. The sad fact is that we’re already occupying very unpopular ground. What good will further ticking people off do? If we stoop to being “in-your-face” then we’re only hurting ourselves. We’re already looked upon as savage animals with no moral compass. We don’t need to give them any more ammunition to fire at us. There’s a right way to approach any subject and getting point-blank in-your-face confrontational isn’t the way; not on this topic. I’d love to force the truth down their throats, but I know that tactic won’t work. All it will do is further steel the opposition’s resolve to keep fighting against us.

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          “I know coming out strong and in-your-face seems appealing. The sad fact is that we’re already occupying very unpopular ground. What good will further ticking people off do? If we stoop to being “in-your-face” then we’re only hurting ourselves. We’re already looked upon as savage animals with no moral compass”


          I’m not saying get confrontational or crazy. I’m saying we’ve got to NICELY and CALMLY say to them: “By your logic, if YOUR kids are ever molested by someone, then your molested child should be ‘put down’ like a rabid dog for fear of what they MIGHT do in their future because of their molestation”.
          The “in-your-face” approach does NOT have to be hysterical. Simply say it as calmly as you’d say “We understand the victims of these crimes but the perpetrator has a right to rebuild himself”. That’s not what the public gives a crap to hear.
          We have tons of specialists saying that the chances of a molested child growing up to molest are extremely high. So use their logic and tell them that all these “pedophiles” they want to kill may have once been victims themselves, and what if its their kid who was victimized and then moves on to do the same thing to another? Would they want people threatening their “poor molested child”? No. They’d want the opportunity (which the general public won’t allow) to justify their child’s actions with that child’s past experiences.

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        Bend Over – Florida Own Your Ass For LIFE!

        You are right there! These soulless politicians don’t play by the rules and only a FOOL would think that you can win in America following the rules. The cards are stacked against you and the rules are there only to control and limit your actions – NOT to protect you, society, or even “freedom”.

        If you want to level the playing field you need to play the same way that the enemy does and that is with a full attack and forget all the PC bullshit – call it the way it is and not the way it should be. If that were the case then the United States Constitution would be applied and this entire mess of the registry would be gone already!

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      While I had another comment to post on Dan’s plight, I guess it didn’t meet the qualifications NARSOL was looking for so lets just man step all over us. Isn’t that the American way for truth and Justice. While my other coment was a bit too strong for this geroup and would seem to some out of character. I wonder what is out of chaaracter today. Man telling other man his or her private business or reasioning things our or standing up when the chips seem so down.

      While everybody wants to post hash tags to other sights it seems man is using hindsight to understand all this dilemna of this sex offender mess. Sure man would rather solve man’s problems and give that man a pat on the back for coming up with the e=mc square elements of life when we don’t even know whats around the next bend.

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      All of you need to click on this link and read the article about Larry Nasser being assaulted in prison then go read all the comments:

      This gives you a full picture of the impetus behind our sex offender laws. Everyone is saying how this guy’s a hero for viciously assaulting Mr. Nasser. They’re mocking his injuries. They’re like a pack of wild, mindless, rabid dogs. And they call themselves respectable society. Pish-posh!! They’re mindless moronic evil rabid dogs that are foaming at the mouth and hateful toward anyone who decries this act of violence.

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      You are so right, Daniel. Go to this link and read the article. This will show you what rabid dogs society is when it comes to a sex offender, especially a child molester even after he’s been put in prison for the rest of his natural life. Even that’s not enough. These mindless murderous morons want him DEAD. This is the impetus behind our sex offender laws. Read those comments each and every one. Read how they reply to anyone who decries this senseless and brutal act of vigilantism.

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      The article of Dan’s (have to give him thumbs up on this one) should make us all reflect and think. Whats funny about the whole comment to a lot of this this is my old buddy on here Maestro is right. People do live under bridges and have nowhere to live but even a genius has problems, so Maestro in a way your right and in a way you are wrong. Who said anything about you being a monster or is that your imagination overloading your ego?

      Actually, Sandy is right about “Humans on the Registry” and some have gone on to even be church leaders, think about it. In this life we all at times take the bitter with the sweet or are we all still desparado’s and I loved that song in my hay days’ but sometimes we all have to come down from our fences. And freedom well thats up to the individual . Sure we all have dreams.

      Is being a sex offender giving one shattered dreams? Is the sex offender or registry being misused by government authorities to dab those they think are “violent predators” or is the sex offender the choice you made or someone made for you by giving you a devilish opportunity or did one physically take the opportunity. Yes we still have choices and decisons and all can change. Why do you all think NARSOL is here for? They are here to help each one if one listens and opens their eyes and ears.

      Do you think its easy for NARSOL to hear the cry’s of the sex offender that got bad Justice or a bum rap or should we all open our eyes a bit more to this American problem that is effecting not only us but others and we all should put a stop to a lot of this and NARSOL is leading a good way. Is it the culture today, the influence of the internet, or police behaving badly. If you all think freedom comes overnight or in a bottle your wrong or should we all take a look at how all this is making one down in his or her life. You don’t think we all look for justice. Well anyone is for justice but this is more than justice this is a cause for true justice.

      • #43995 Reply


        “ Who said anything about you being a monster or is that your imagination overloading your ego?”


        I’m not sure if you clear your mind first before you begin to type. I’m not sure if you are completely sure of what you read that you’re responding to, but you make NO SENSE. And I’m not going to spell it out for you. My “ego” won’t allow.
        I’m just going to make this the very last time I reply to anything you say when you mention me.
        My hair literally hurts after reading many of your comments. Sorry, dude, but you need to maybe take a writing course. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • #43969 Reply


      Pa. Teen Who Vanished to Mexico with 45-Year-Old Married Man Is Now Missing Again

      @Mr. Silverman… I do not even have a woman that loves me! And after what my experience was with my so called “marriage”, I will never want a woman to “love me”. But just like you, I have the one thing keeping my still here on this Earth, but for how long?…

      Thank you for sharing your pain Sir. (and also the few other commenters)

    • #44008 Reply


      To address you Daniel, and I do like that name, while we all have our ups and downs with statements that want to address rape, abuse, abortion, gay rights and other things. Should we all just brush those things under the rug so to speek. Sure giving speeches such as those shouldn’t be bad. In todays’ internet world its like the spy in the sky is watching someone and can throw you down in a minute.
      One can call it a callous actions but a true apology are better, but if the person doesn’t take the apology than one should go about your business. Now you are a graphic artist and I do admire that but even comic strips have gotton a bit vague from the early beginnings You talk about suffering but who is suffering today. The one that accepts the apology or the one that doesn’t and wants to be a bit above the rest. We can even take a note on history about that one. You do bring up a good point as well as Sandy’s point and those on the registry.
      Do you know a lot of us wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for internet and who is the underdog or top dog today or who is taking advantage of others today. Sure we look for truth in all this or persevere in this challange that seems to overcome man in this persuit of truth, or as you say should we just let people step all over us.

    • #44046 Reply

      Eric Knight

      Just to clarify: The doxing of Gunn’s tweets was not done by conservatives, but by elements of the Hollywood industry itself, particularly proponents of the #MeToo movement. In this circumstance, the analogy between Gunn and registrants is not relevant, as the #MeToo movement is essentially a movement that has, as its goal, allied itself with other intersectionalist organizations such as #BlackLivesMatter and other socialist/democrat groups to delegitimize Donald Trump to the point that the Democrats take over Congress and impeach / remove Trump from office. In this case, conservatives may have applauded Gunn’s termination from conducting any more entertainment projects, but conservatives had no actual implementation in his removal.

      • #44049 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        Eric, just to clarify, the piece that Dan wrote has nothing to do with liberal v. conservative or Republican v. Democrat or anybody v. Trump. The only point the piece makes that involves Mr. Gunn is that, just as he is judged for something from his past to the point that it is allowed to negate his present and his future, so are those on the registry judged for an action from their past which, even though they may have changed totally, as has Mr. Gunn, often negates their present and future lives. The analogy between Mr. Gunn’s situation and the situation of many registrants is totally relevant. It is the entire point.

        Please don’t make everything political. Some things are; many things are. But not everything is.

        • #44051 Reply

          Daniel Silverman

          I apologize and I should have been clearer. The people who exposed James Gunn’s tweets were Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich, conspiracy theorists that are considered part of the “alt-right” and are also often referred to as being “conservative”, depending on which articles you read.

          In any case, the piece was not originally intended to be a well-researched article, but was me simply writing an email to Sandy, expressing my feelings on the matter because I thought she would find it interesting and relative. When she suggested we publish it here, we cleaned up the grammar and let the core of what I’d written stay as it was. As Sandy pointed out, the crux of the intent was not about who exposed James Gunn, but about the idea that once someone has done something bad in their past, our current society does not seem to allow us to ever move past that. We once celebrated people moving beyond their pasts and making something of themselves. This no longer seems to be the case for many Americans these days.

          • #44068 Reply


            The funny thing about all this uproar over Gunn is that both sides (liberals and conservatives) make up the majority of the public who are unforgiving of people’s pasts.
            As I was reading through these comments I started to think about the time, a few years ago, when California district attorney wanted to have Roman Polanski extradited back to the U.S. to have him serve the sentence that was handed down to him for his BLATANT RAPE of a 13 yr old whom he intoxicated and drugged.
            And when the news broke that prosecutors wanted him back here to fulfill that sentence with the added charges of fleeing the country, many very high profile Hollywood celebrities (Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg among them) spoke out AGAINST the extradition and basically said “Its old news. Leave him alone about it”.
            Funny how people pick and choose who they’ll forgive and who they’ll forever shame, isn’t it?

            If Roman Polanski can have major Hollywood names standing in his favor, why the hell are we all scared shitless to stand up for ourselves?

            Food for thought.

    • #44054 Reply


      All I ever take away from any of these posts is that until it’s done away with, anyone subject to this long-form torture can never live a full life, unfettered by the specter of the gun. I am also on this never-ending(for me) torture wheel, and everything I do now has been fully shaped around it, molded by it. I can’t drive by a school, walk by a park, or take a leak in the woods without wondering if I’ll be arrested in the next few days. My privacy is violated on a constant and un-ending basis. We need change. We’ve -needed- change. And for most of us, those who are planted all-too-firmly in reality, don’t see any light in this tunnel, let alone an end to it.

    • #44072 Reply


      I’m with ‘d.” All I feel is hate and rage and I live for the moment when one of these mindless murderous drones gives me static. I pillory them in front f their peers, and if necessary, beat the seven levels of Hell out of them. I’ve had it!
      Do not suffer fools, period! You have every right to exist and thrive Having said all that, I feel compelled to say *this* (again) as well:
      If we do not become vocal, resistive, and let our foes know that we push back, we will be relegated to our current level for the rest of our lives. We absolutely should protest, attend meetings and even march (even though I’m pretty sure NO ONE will give us a permit to do so).
      I also agree with giving the religious perspective and spirituality routine a break. It solves nothing; never has and never will. Perhaps more of us need to attend the annual conference from NARSOL, but how many of us can freely travel and how many will be arrested and/or harassed for being there by local LEA?
      In Dubio Pro Reo!

      • #44087 Reply


        NARSOL has had 10 annual conferences now. Many registrants from all over the country attended each one. I am not aware of any being arrested or harassed. I completely agree that it would be a good idea for more people to attend the conference to learn how to be more active in bringing change to these laws and to learn what progress is already being made. More should attend with the understanding that the conference is not a march or a protest, but an opportunity to associate with like minded individuals and learn from each other and grow in strength and size.

    • #44070 Reply

      obvious answers

      Very well wrote and I fully agree..
      Sadly it is not a new pastime but a reoccurring theme. It is an American story, but not originally American. Greeks used the gladiatorial arenas and islam just devises any old horrible torture like acids and burning and mutilation…
      Why do rags like the National Enquirer and Busted and Mug keep making more money then
      syndicated news?
      It is because people love to believe something terrible about their neighbor..Especially if by all accounts their neighbor is a better person then they are. How dare someone work to improve themselves! Everyone makes mistakes but that doesnt mean you have a right to do better then me after you made a mistake!!!
      Why work to make yourself a better person when it is so much easier and satisfying to dig dirt and bring your neighbor down?
      And of course the justice system and the politicians jump on board because any excuse to point the finger away from the pervert judge or criminal politician is a good excuse..And give the bully with a badge authority to crack heads? what small minded cop would say no?
      Why were witch burning popular, and what were they? Just anouther way to look down on ones neighbor and get rid of that pesky person that makes you look bad by working hard and improving themselves while you sit on your fat smelly hind and rot.. How dare they make something of their lives!!
      So satisfying to the American mind to glorify in superiority while smelling the flesh burning from the bones of those who dared to be better people have their screams pierce the air..

      Yea it is sad but is also exactly why you can expect no release except for that which you garner for yourselves by force.. Force doesnt solve anything you say? hahahaha..nice story..Name one thing solved by “appealing to the reasonable side of insanity?” …. I will wait.. 🙂

      • #44099 Reply


        Agreed. Nothing new about some good Ole American underdog stomping. In fact, our nations history is full of examples. It’s as American as apple pie, sadly.

    • #44090 Reply


      Dan you know you talk about offensive and provocative. I wonder whats offensive today. Actually this is one of the best post on here so you should not be ashamed. If you all would take a look at that 10 commandment cartoon of the President would you call thsat shaming or maybe we should all go back to the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. and here’s a quote from the book.

      Men value power, competency, achievement and their sense of self is defined by their success and ability of achieving their goals. Achieving their goals is a way to prove their competency.
      Similarly, men want and need to have their abilities recognized and appreciated and resent having them ignored or called into question.

      Should we all agree on the opportunity to set people up or should we admit on who is raping who or who is murdering who. Dan you make a lot of sense to me. Yes while NARSOL is striving to enlighten people on this sexual plight, dont’ forget that we are all sinners and try to cover our act with a cocaine straw in one hand and a budswiser in the other. I think its high time that the American People should listen. Does the American people really know about these internet sting operations or do they really know who’s been sleeping my bed. Where is any love today in America with everyone’s different in opinions.

      Should we say just walk away renae or get on with our lives and help others as NARSOL strives in this challanging ordeal to inform . Oh and those who reject those people from jobs, they need to take a look at themselves also as we all should take a look at ourselves.

    • #44098 Reply


      Good article. However, I disagree with the premise of the articles title,
      “America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog”

      American history is full of examples of underdog Stomping. On the contrary, I would argue it’s just as American as apple pie. The targets of good Ole American underdog stomping just changes depending on era and opportunity. Today, it’s our turn in the target line.

      From Native Americans, blacks, women, homosexuals, Irish, communist black lists, Japanese American internment camps,…just to name a few American examples of stomping on the underdog. And, Americas excuses for doing so range from “Public Safety” to my personal favorite regarding the annihilation and genocide of a people, “Divine Providence”.

      Contrary to our well documented and expressed beliefs as a nation of individual rights and personal liberties, we are notorious for historically denying them. Today, the land of the free and brave, ironically, leads the world in prison population. That’s right, we lock up more of our citizens than Russia or China. It’s big business. And, as for the new American past time of under dog stomping…we are simply the newest, easiest justifiable targets; it’s totally American….and “Business as usual”.

      • #44102 Reply


        There is definitely nothing “new” about it.
        Honestly, I think what you wrote here could be turned into a darn good article relevant to our cause. Would you be interested in giving that a try?

        • #44105 Reply

          Daniel Silverman

          Interestingly enough, I had not given the article a title. This was originally just an emailed thought to Sandy. I believe the core idea of the article is, why bother trying to stand up once knocked down if all everyone is going to do is just keep knocking you down? The old saying is that we should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, but everyone seems more than happy to cut said bootstraps, making it next to impossible.

          I agree, though, America’s past is full of terrible things and oppressed peoples. We love to kick people while they’re down.

          • #44111 Reply

            Glen Gibson


            I do hope my disagreement with the title didnt come across as disrespectfull. I honestly enjoyed the article and thought it well written, and am appreciative of your bringing it to everyone’s attention. Interestingly, I read this morning that the actress Selma Blair is standing up for Mr Gunn, and in protest deleting her twitter account.

            I also read through your posts, and I too share your frustration. I’ve been dealing with this for about 16 years now. Honestly, Ive hid myself in shame and humiliation for the past 16 years, and have been reluctant to stand up and say “Enough”. I wish there was something I could do to change the past. Humiliation of the registry aside, I feel like Ive been harder on myself than any byzantine public registry can impose.

            But, it occurred to me recently the thought…”How can I ever improve, show regret, rehabilitate, or contribute positively to society if I’m never given the opportunity?” AND that’s exactly what the registry prevents.

            So, I’m here now. Hopefully there’s something I can do.

          • #44145 Reply

            Daniel Silverman

            Hi Glen. Nope. Didn’t find it disrespectful at all. I do appreciate your concern, though. So, thank you. 🙂

            I am sorry you’ve felt like you needed to hide away. I’ve been there and, for the most part, am still there. I’ve given up on most of my dreams and just simply want to be left alone to live the rest of life. I just want to be able to work and pay my bills and not feel anxious every day of my life. It’s a simple request and, quite frankly, the registry makes it very difficult to achieve. The Declaration of Independence, among other things, states this:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            Yet the registry prevents those of us on it, while still being citizens of this nation, the ability to pursue happiness and we are, more often than not, deprived of our liberty and the ability to truly live.

            Our Constitution states:

            “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

            Yet, the scare tactics that our politicians and lawmakers use to create fear, especially concerning those of us on the registry, does nothing to “insure domestic tranquility”. The creation of the registry does nothing to “promote welfare” to either those on the registry or those not on it (as the population has been taught to fear us). And the creation of the registry does not bestow upon us, who are on the registry, any “blessings of liberty” as we have been deprived the right to live where we please, to go where we please, and, in many cases, to work as we please. The registry appears to be a violation of both the core of our Constitution and the very heart of our nations Declaration of Independence.

            So, in the land of the free, we feel the need to hide so that we may simply live. And, frankly, that’s not much of a life. I struggle every day just to make ends meet. It wasn’t always this way, but the fact that I am publicly on the registry just about ensures that I can never achieve much more than struggling just to get by. It’s sad.

          • #44220 Reply



            I hear ya. It is frustrating. I had an interesting day.

            It began with a knock at the door at 730 am this morning while I was sitting at my kitchen table having a cup of coffee. A deputy stopped by, I assumed to verify my residence, but no…according to him, he received a random call from someone stating I was on the registry and there was a minor living in the house. To which. I replied, yes I am registered and there is a minor in the house. Is that now illegal? I further explained that I had been charged 16 years ago with a 1st offense non contact peeping tom offense and that I was sentenced to two years probation, which I successfully completed in 2005. Then I said, “I don’t understand why your here????”

            He just said they had received a random call and that he had check it out. While he was polite, I feel this is harassment. I called the sheriff’s department and complained but the gave me the same spill. Anyway, appears the random phone call came from a next door neighbor as i was told “you have some nosy neighbors”. So i guess our tax money is now going to deputies solving citizens curiosities now too….its very frustrating.

        • #44103 Reply


          Hi Fred.

          I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for all that you and the rest of NARSOL staff does here. But, I’m grateful. I am.


        • #44104 Reply


          Fred, I would love to do anything I can to help in any way. And, I appreciate any opportunity.

          • #44109 Reply


            If you ever want to write an article, you can submit it to for consideration. Or if you would like to get involved with NARSOL, checkout our volunteer positions and consider filling out the application at

          • #44113 Reply


            Thank you Fred. I’ll start working on it right away

    • #44117 Reply


      My wife tried to inform others on this article about a relevant issue that another “Sister” Sex Offenses Reform site had published to affected individuals and it was not posted by NARSOL Mods. It contained no profanity nor disrespect. The post did contained headline details about a Cirand the link just like others have done to keep us all informed. What gives we don’t know, but will try again.

      • #44159 Reply


        Hello Michael,
        We are aware of this sister site as they were once part of NARSOL (RSOL at that time), but no longer are.
        The reason your comment with the link was not approved is because one of our commenting guidelines is “Do not promote your business, your blog, your website, or any other business, blog or website.” Your link was to another blog, with someone else’s posts.
        We do allow links to legal documentation and to reputable news sites. I apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to summarize what you want the readers to know and post it here.

    • #44163 Reply


      Dan as I have this is a good article and I’m glad Sandy posted it. Yes it makes us all understand a bit more. Actually it should make everyone on these comments understand that in all honestly we have been taken advanaged of. Daniel you sound more like me all the time but we are different in many ways. Was not Cain and Abel different in many ways but they were equal. Now to each his own but created equal, in what way self-centerness, how do you figure that in todays world? That docunment is man’s selfishness or do we all depend on ourself or what we should we should acheive and accomplish by not stomping over others.

      How does one even figure out their thorn in the flesh whether they are christian or not. Dan should we all say than ” give me liberty or give me death”, when things go wrong. It seems everybody on here has some consulation to this. Its like they want to figure out the big bang theory that no man can comprehend. Whether one goes around this in a Christian way or man’s way, man is just going to he bumping heads like some of the court systems.

      Should we even wonder why Robin, which is on the NARSOL staff even said the words about going to church. I sometimes wonder why Brenda Jones didn’t want any religon in these posts and Brenda was right its not about reliegon, it is about understanding man’s pride and how others can take away everything from others. Believe it or not true Justice comes with the word.

      Dan, You quoted the Declaration of Independence and to this day I still wonder who “We” is and who we should show respect to when trueh & justice is not in Government. Bottom line is you cant have true Government without God in it. So get off your high horses Dan and a lot of you all and stand up. Seek some legal aid out, appeal these things, help NARSOL out, or is government making a slave to all is this respect.

    • #44396 Reply


      This is what people think we are of all of us on a Sex Offender Registry (that exist to no other group convicted of any other crime, not even murder) when they “read” or “hear” this type of news.

      …because we all are that automatically and irreversibly! Right!!? (major sarcasm)

    • #44430 Reply


      Actually Dan makes a very good point in a lot this issue. Yes is our pastime kicking stomping others. One could even go to say running over others in many ways and all in the name of public safety in this devious way. Sure basically we are all equal but a lot of us have different mindsets but one has to wonder who’s abusing who with this?
      Sure today we have Democrates and Republicans and yes we do have faith according tothe measure of one’s faith. Sure I talk a bit of Christiany on here but you can’t have one without the other. Democrates want to do right and the Republican’s want to do right. I wonder who are the peasents and the heathern’s today?
      Protection is good if done in its proper prospective. Defending is good if its done in its proper way. Helping a neighbor is good to one’s degree but when one is badgered it only creates a type animosity when one is being stepped on. I sometimes wonder why Is labeling a stigma today for a lot of people and preventing jobs and other reprocussions. Now I’m a white person and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. I wonder who’s talking advantage or who today or could Abaham Lincoln see that. I’m sure he could.
      I know Sandy and Maestro get onto me sometimes talking about religion but its not about religion but Christianity. I hope we all still have God and contury today, or is the country taking advantage of their position. Sure Aretha Franklin sung about “Respect” and “Think” but government seems to want to hold the purse strings in many ways. So where is liberity and give me death or was that some pipe dream back during the civil war days. I’m sure Brenda and Robin and the staff of NARSOL know how we can all fight this battle and speak up. There’s good side’s and bad side’s to everything but its about principles or is government deceiving in a lot of these encounters.

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