All rational minds reject the “sex offender-Halloween” connection

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . We are at an interesting crossroads in regard to the craze that started sweeping the country around 2008 (see http://with-justiceforall
      [See the full post at: All rational minds reject the “sex offender-Halloween” connection]

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      That’s an EXCELLENT piece in Psychology Today. But I’m sure no one who reads that magazine will take the article seriously because it didn’t include the opinion of a Judge being in agreement with it. A simple Judge who simply has an opinion. No need for a degree in the field of psychology, just state an opinion and because you’re a judge, the sheep will believe.

      BTW, Sandy, a good argument to bring up is that the ENTIRE statement by Justice Kennedy is as follows…

      “The rate of recidivism of untreated offenders has been estimated to be as high as 80 percent,”

      It needs to be argued that Justice Kennedy mentioned “untreated offenders” (which, btw, can also pertain to drug/alcohol offenses). We have all been treated (forcefully on probation or face violations) so therefore, we should no longer qualify for this MYTH and when our time/sentence is completed, we should be back to our American freedoms.
      I think pointing out that he mentioned “untreated” might be able to help in an argument to dismantle these everlasting restrictions for those of us no longer on probation and (in some states) no longer required to register but yet being FORCED to if we move to another state.
      It doesn’t hurt to try to use that in a legal argument. Just some food for thought.

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        You make a good logical point. It is so sad that they do not use logic in law anymore.

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      Jarrett Vann

      I live in the country, where we don’t get trick or treaters, Yet Halloween is a holy day do my faith, it is Samhain. I am a sex offender, and the law requires me to be home when for my faith I should be celebrating the Sabbath of Samhain.
      There is no rational to these laws, or in some places merely Sheriff’s orders. To those that have to report to a police station to spend that time, that is a form of false imprisonment.
      Things need to change and I would like to help.

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      Prison Without Conviction
      The truth is any offender planning on offending on Halloween is completely crazy. The logic behind LEA’s keeping RSO’s at bay literally keeping them locked in their homes is even crazier. These laws are made by overzealous neo con politicians that want to go on record as crime fighters when in fact they are tearing apart families and saturating States with low level sex offenders. The local media is no better making the RSO and Halloween a sensational story even though there is actually no story to report. Signs notifying the public to RSO residents lead to vigilante violence and crimes worse than the perpetrator laws made to protect children. And lets not forget the suicide rate among RSO’s is 65% higher than with non registrants. Continued restrictions, ordinances, State and Federal Laws making the RSO’s a second class citizen, a worse punishment than being incarcerated. JEV – True Confessions – NARSOL contributor

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        Leave the country

        MK Ultra subject will be used to do some crazy act on a kid on Halloween and guess what ?
        This government subject will be a register sex offender with multiple convictions.
        OMG wait until that happens, the controlled masses will demand more restrictions & our nightmares will never end, what the Cabal controlling the government wants. We need to change the house of cards or leave this police state.

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      As usual, Floriduh remains an outlier. In Duval County aka Jacksonville, the “holiday” ordinance is alive and well. Unfortunately, no one has the funds to mount a court challenge.

      Sec. 685.104. – Prohibited Activities for Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators; Exceptions.

      (a)Prohibitions and requirements for Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators; Exemption.

      (1)It is unlawful for any Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator to participate in any practice or event, including, but not limited to, any event related to a nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event, if such practice or event is primarily targeted toward non-familial children.

      (2)It is unlawful for any Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator to wear costumes, clothing, make-up, mask or anything that would alter a person’s appearance in the presence of any non-familial child if such altered appearance could or would entice, attract or lure a child to congregate around, or move closer to, that person.

      (3)Any person designated a Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator shall:

      (i)Avoid all Halloween related contact with children;

      (ii)From 6:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., on October 31 (or any other day on which Halloween is celebrated) post a sign at his or her residence, including a vessel, or vehicle, stating, “No candy or treats here.” Such signs shall be in letters at least two inches high and shall be legible on the property leased, rented, owned or occupied by the Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator, and clearly visible from the street, waterway, or any property that is open to public access. The signs may be removed after 11:59 p.m. on October 31, or the day on which Halloween is celebrated.

      (iii)Except for lighting provided on a year-round basis by the owner or manager of a multi-family residential unit for the purpose of security or walkway or hallway illumination, leave all outside residential lighting off during the evening hours after 5:00 p.m. on October 31 (or any other day on which Halloween is celebrated).

      (iv)Not place or allow any display, including but not limited to displays for any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice, to be visible from the exterior of any Sexual Offender’s or Sexual Predator’s residence, including a vehicle or vessel, or on any property which is leased, rented, owned or occupied by such person, if such display is primarily targeted to entice, attract, or lure a child onto any residence or property, or onto or nearer to any vehicle or vessel rented, owned or occupied by such person. Enforcement of this section shall not be limited to the actual calendar date of any given nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice.

      (4)The following is a list of exemptions for Sexual Offenders or Sexual Predators from this section. During any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice:

      (i)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator may attend if such person is the parent or guardian of the child or children involved and only those familial children are present;

      (ii)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator may attend if the event is held in a location such as a personal residence which would not be attracting or enticing to non-familial children to attend (prohibited locations include, but are not limited to family gatherings in parks, pools, or other locations or places where children could be lured); or

      (iii)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator is not present at the event location although such location may be owned, leased, rented or occupied by such person.

      (b)Definitions. The following terms are defined as follows for the purposes of this section:

      (1)Child, children, or minor shall mean individuals whose chronological age is less than 18 years.

      (2)Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator shall mean an individual who is registered or obligated to be registered by any state or federal agency as either a sexual offender or sexual predator and whose name is published or required to be published on any state or federal registered sexual offender or sexual predator listing, including, but not limited to the sexual offenders and sexual predators registry established in F.S. §§ 943.0435, 775.21, and 944.607.

      (3)Participate is defined as attend, take part in, or cooperate with the organization of an event.

      (4)Display is defined as any decoration including, but not be limited to, lighting, figurines, posters, artwork, crystals, bales of hay, scarecrows, etc. which is visible to the public in plain view and is primarily targeted toward children.

      (5)Practices means to carry out or perform any particular activity or method that may celebrate or recognize a particular season, customs or beliefs.

      (6)Non-familial children is defined as those children who are not related to the Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator through biological means, marriage, or adoption.

      (c)Penalties. With regard to enforcement of this section, the City and the Sheriff’s Office may pursue any enforcement action or legal remedy available under the controlling state law and any legal remedy available to the City, to include, but not limited to, injunctive relief, arrest, a fine not exceeding $500.00 for each occurrence, or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 60 days or by both a fine and imprisonment for each occurrence, unless prohibited by law.

      (d)Separate violations. Each separate occurrence of any conduct prohibited by this section shall be a separate violation.

      (e)Countywide Applicability. This is an ordinance of Countywide applicability, enforceable throughout Duval County.

      (f)Preemption. In the event any state or federal law is enacted which is more restrictive in nature than the provisions of this section, those portions of this section which are in conflict with the state or federal law will cease to be in effect.

      (g)Severability. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or provision of this section is held invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall become a separate provision and will not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this section. The City of Jacksonville further declares its intent that this section would have been adopted if such unconstitutional provision was not included.
      (Ord. 2010-836-E, § 5; Ord. 2015-214-E , § 1; Ord. 2016-233-E , § 1)

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        That is what I call ‘Legislation without Representation’.
        Same thing in Arkansas.
        Laws passed with no evidence or need for them.

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      And this is why this type of legislation is hypocritical. The people that write these laws are no saints. They’re just looking for a way to score support, becoming predatory in their own way with this group.

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      All Rational Minds?? This totally excludes the corrupt Group leaders, Bought off police, politicians, Crappy law makers, prosecutors, Nasty Detectives, Dip Sh!t reporters, and 98 percent of the United States Population. All of which are as unrational as they are trying to be. This fight is like trying to fart at a hurricane to try to stop it.

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      Thank you Sandy for another good article that needs to be addressed. So 2008 this irrational thinking started so why then? That was 11 years ago and it still is a problem for SO. I thought that as a child we would be more worried about what is in the candy then who might be out there trying to take us. There is a limit on time and loads of people on the street on Halloween night. Most if not all are in groups or have parents with them. There is also more houses with lights on and people with flashlights. I would think that this would be the less opportunity to try get a child to do whatever. Lets go back to Megan were all this —- started in 1996 with the Federal Government stepping in. The fellow that took her was Mental and never treated he was slow and never helped. He was institutionalized and let out of a Mental ward without proper treatment. He was abused by his parents as well as his classmate and made to run naked though town because older girls didn’t like him. So now they think everyone is like him and needs treatment for life. And we have stupid laws like this and punishment that last a lifetime. I put my hand up and disagree with this whole system. What happened to Megan is a tragedy but the man who did this was a child inside a mans body with a low mental status. He should have been helped and that is what I think the Government is trying to do now but it seems they don’t know when to stop. Parents need to protect their children not the Government. So lets stop this irrational thinking that the bogyman is going to get you, there is no bogyman. There is no monster in the closet or under your bed. They are not real! What is real is that SO are made out to be this when in fact they are not. This is what needs to be addressed.

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      Tim in WI

      Just one more liberty stolen. Halloween isn’t even a recognized national holiday.

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      Will Allen

      “People” who think Registries are acceptable are just truly awful, anti-reality, anti-American, harassing terrorists. “People” who CANNOT mind their own business or leave other families alone. They are Registry Nazis/Terrorists (RN/Ts). Wage war on them.

      Registries are idiotic. It is also easy to prove that they aren’t needed or beneficial. Easy.

      Today, Registries have a life of their own. They are part of the big government industry and $$$. The reason they exist is to help keep big government big. Just like with their 100% failed War on Drugs, big government will keep growing and do stupid forever. As long as the money flows.

      Registries are naturally worthless and do nothing of value. But I’m personally committed to ensuring that they are much worse merely worthless.

      Regarding this Halloween stupidity, I will do what I’ve done for over a decade and will leave my home and go mill about in some community somewhere, completely anonymously. Big government will not have the first clue where I am or what I am doing. I guarantee it. That is what their Registries and Halloween stupidity have done for them.

      If you are a Registered Person (RPs) who is not on probation or parole, I strongly encourage you to do the same thing. Even in places such as criminal Duval County, Floriduh, where they have wasted a huge pile of resources to harass RPs regarding Halloween, I expect that you can legally do the same thing. There is nothing LEGAL that can be done to prevent you from getting in your car when you feel like it and driving around public roads. Nothing LEGAL at all. So do it. Go to dinner. Drive around. Just be sure to not celebrate Halloween! Because that’s illegal and dangerous.

      If you don’t want to drive your own car, get someone else to drive. What the heck, get a gang together and drive around checking everything out. See what is going on and see if you can spot ANY situation where RN/Ts think their Registries might do ANYTHING at all that is useful. See if you can spot any Halloween issues that big government’s harassment will protect against.

      I bet you can see plenty of “loopholes”. I usually see all kinds of very young children running around with no supervision at all. I suppose their “parents” trust the lies of the criminal regimes that they’ve improved safety in some way. You can also check up on law enforcement and see if they are doing anything useful for public safety. Or if they are too busy harassing RPs.

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        You got the right idea there has to be a cost for these unconstitutional laws, even if it is having RSO driving around in cars instead of cowering in there homes hoping no kids knock on the door. Find a way that will annoy the public and instigate it on Halloween. How fun would it be if the kids and parents had to walk down a street with a mob of RSO standing there. What can RSO do that is legal, that will terrify parents more or cause great discomfort to the citizens, but at the same time let them know it is because of the registry it is happening? This is how the battle will be won.

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        awesome post.

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      R. Arens

      Halloween to a sex offender is like Christmas? Wow. Stereotype big time. You wouldn’t say that because a guy is Asian, he knows karate or because a guy is black, he’s gotta be a gang member. You’d invite a whole world of outrage to come down on you to think that way let alone say it. Sex offenders are people too just like any minority or group out there. Those who made, support and approve of the registry are modern day biggots in my opinion. Shame on them.

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      With all this confusion about this sex registry and these stipulations and the Halloween issue with signs to let others know about the person that lives in that home, is that really rational? Their is a difference but being responsible is best. Sure I like kids but today it seems anyone on the sex registry is black listed from being around kids. One wonders whats righteous or rational anymore. So where is true principal and value in America today.

      While some can’t seem to grasp or understanding all this confussion about Halloween to me it is a pagan event. Sure I use to go trick or treating but today a marketing scheme for candy makers and other firms. Well look at the sex registry, isn’t its become a marketing scheme if one looks it in a rational view. Its all about money. To much hype in all this registry stuff.

      A simple “No Trespassing on my property on Halloween or no candy”” sign is all one really needs to comply with this or that law. Who needs to know another person’s business. Now a lot of this sex registry issue is to prevent. Well lets see… Could the government prevent the Trade Center Attack as they call it, or the killings at schools, even the manison killings, or just who can prevent. Even this internet thing is shady. Sure being on guard is good but deceiving others is not in good character or good taste. So who plays the devil at Halloween?
      I’m under the impression that NARSOL wants to use man’s way’s of thinking instead of true principal and reasoning, which I hope I am wrong. Sure we can all give view’s and comments but basically its all a biblical principal and callousness devilish methods. One wonders who is the slick willy today in all this crafty sex registry ordeal induced today. If you can say government than you win the door prize.

      Hurting people well don’t they do that in war but now they set people up and think they are someone for snagging that collar and getting that offender caught-up in this action of driving down to see someone for some sexual good time. Wise up people. Its all a marketing scheme if you look at the big picture of all this, or do we Judge others or is that the righteous thing to do. I believe the tongue can get a lot of people in trouble and maybe we are all in trouble on that one.

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      Robert hogg

      Tennessee will be doing what’s called operation blackout,and no they are still talking about how dangerous s.o.’s are,plus i did my time,flatten in 2006,for a case in 1996,I’m on probation for a drug charge in 2008,that’s was a cause of the s.o.r. ,that changed and made me quit my job,because it was to close to a school ,but now they still keep me under the s.o. probation not the same others with drug charges are under plus a team of po office come to my house on 10/31 to look under my bed for Halloween candy I have 3 kids ,9 to 12,and cant understand how they can keep doing this even know I’ve served everyday of that sentence i wish u guys and girls would help the s.o. ‘s in Tennessee, i see u guys and girls go from state addressing the wrong but not tennessee ,I was put on the 1997,and have been thru so much punishments added in the 22 years it’s like I never did my time and they keep adding it ,when they don’t want s.o. on their street they add a playground sad

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      So what this comes down to is nothing has changed. I am so tired of this up down rollercoaster ride. Just when it looks like progress is being made out comes an article that pretty much says everything we’ve published up to this was pointless. We’re at square 1 again! Just put me in front of a firing squad now and end this sh!ty life that’s never going to change to the good until I’m dead anyhow. I’m 60 yrs old 7 yrs ago my uncle raped my daughter and her friend, he took pictures of my daughter and put those on the internet. I was molested for 6 yrs of my young life. So i know what my daughter had gone through. For 6 weeks, i went on the internet looking for those pictures to destroy them. ( rational thinking, i had none back then, my fatherly instinct to protect our daughter kicked in.)I found nothing of my daughter but did find an 8 mm film my abuser made of him sexually abusing me. Long story short, i am now a registered ” sex offender” for 25 yrs, did 3 yrs probation and 3 yrs “sex offender” classes. I’ll die in these chains Ohio has bound me with. My wife (past away in 2013) and I raised 4 good kids, we enjoyed 30 yrs of marriage before cancer took her away. We enjoyed All the holidays together until i made that huge mistake to think i could find and destroy those pictures my uncle took of my daughter. So on Halloween I’m not the boogyman out there looking to reek havoc on some child. I’am a normal minded human being looking to enjoy Halloween with my 4 grand children now. But this ridiculous label i’m forced to wear until I die makes me feel lower than a snakes belly when i’m out walking with my grandkids. I shouldn’t have to feel like this. I do take some of the blame for my situation but the 2 low life bastards that ruined our lives and are now dead, left with me holding the bag for their sick crimes against us. So they can take these laws and this label and stuff it in their back sides. I am not now or have I ever been a ” sex offender.” I want to live the rest of my life that I have left as a normal human being enjoying life as the Constitution promises. Our times been served. LET US GO NOW!!

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      Actually Tim you are right but with this ordeal man really doesn’t know how to combact man or the tongue. So nothings changed. Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.” One wonders who’s putting a stumbling block upon who today.

      Look at the circus going on in DC. Our president wants to be right in all his high position, Leaders have to bow down to him. One wonders who’s playing “tricky dicky” in this right or wrong society today. Halloween thats between those who want to observe it or not. Have we all lost true pricipal today with this sex registry mania today.
      While Sandy and Robin and a host of others have a challenge to help rid some of, if not all of this callous sex registry should we all trimble at that PO that visits each month. Sure they are their to listen but one can let their mouth and go a bit overboard if one doesn’t watch it.

      Theirs pro’s and con’s for everything even Halloween and even these sex laws. Sure much of this hysteria is way out of balance. What happened 20 or so yrs. in the past is in the past. I guess once a drunk always a drunk I wonder if thats true with a sex offender. All of this is based on principal and much of this sex offender ordeal is a bit bias or who should govern a nation with true principals and truth today or who is playing the devil in many of these sex registry affairs. Speaking out is good even at Halloween or anytime to get fair honest justice.

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      Thank you for such fine work. l live in Marshall County, Alabama, so seeing a quote from the local constabulary really grabbed me. I advocate that we plan for next year to flood media outlets with articles, op-ed pieces, fact flyers, social-media posts and other “memes” as well as anything else we can throw at ignorance. Our numbers are growing exponentially. That further amplifies our collective voices. If the Russians can skew American political campaigns through social media, maybe we can bend some public perception with facts and reason. (Of course, here in Alabama they’re downright proud of ignoring facts and letting the preacher do their reasoning.) Thanks again!

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      James Coghill

      The thing I find the most mystifying about the Halloween issue is that if you follow its source you find that it is based entirely on fear and paranoia to such an extent that those experiencing it has become completely insane. It is almost as if we are living in a time where people consider being insane fun. It’s glamorized and paraded on every commercial that we see on TV. People don’t even try to hide that they’re nuts anymore.

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      Talk about rational. What is rational today. Is it one’s thinking or logic or were does principal and understanding come into play. Sure myths and uncanny things can come into play in one’s mind but who’s throwing rotten eggs. Leave it up to justice to trespass against another’s property, conscience, or constitutional rights, in many of these devious entanglement. Law enforcement are just as guilty or who is the supreme authority. So who is trespassing against who with this Halloween “myth” hysteria. Is all this a guessing game of myth over reality or is truth stranger than fiction.

      All of this myth about Halloween is based on fear factor as James said. Are Law enforcements just as guilty in this game of man over beast. True principal and understanding are not myth’s but someone is throwing a rotten egg at someone.

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