A young mother struggles with life on the sex offender registry

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By David Feige . . . I met Shawna a year into filming “Untouchable,” a documentary that examines sex offender laws through the lives of individuals on
      [See the full post at: A young mother struggles with life on the sex offender registry]

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      Ok. I have a problem with Shawna’s story….

      She was DRINKING and the teenager basically DID take advantage of her.
      It is technically a CRIME to have sex (even if it’s consensual) with a person who has been drinking. Even if the person is not FULLY intoxicated, it’s no different than being UNDER THE INFLUENCE and not having a good enough grasp on your own reasoning.

      So TECHNICALLY, the TEENAGER committed RAPE. Why was this 19 year old charged but not the male teen? Why?

      Oh, and Sandy, I do believe they made mention of the story about the two lovers on the beach. They DID get charged with a sex offense and they ARE required to register.

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        Daniel l Marsh

        Create a online petition to remove only the numbers of a street address for offenders of non-violent situations where both parties consented where they were unable to consent by law.
        It will be their own responsibility have unlisted numbers and addresses.

        Have the final petition sent to all politicians of all states.

        I will sign that.

        Another idea would to require Prisons to make available only red colored envelopes with the Prison symbol on it. Which Post Office would be required to keep at the post office for adult pick up only.

        The Police and Post Office should cooperate to have a blanket complaint form where those letters are sent to the Police only. For the purpose of filing in case a serious crime is committed against those being addressed.

        Another idea would be to have those who want to receive mail from a specific inmate from a specific prison sign a form at the Post Office and Prison allowing it. All unwanted mail then should be stored at the prison by charging the inmate a storage fee.

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      I haven’t seen the entire documentary of untouchable, but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks amazing.

      HBO is known for having some pretty good award winning documentaries and I can see this one worthy of being on there. It would be awesome if they pick this one up and aired it on their Network.

      Maybe David Feige could pitch it to them.

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        Agreed, maybe even huge networks like Netflix or Hulu who have 100 million + subscribers and produce academy award winning contents. Would love to see this documentary in full soon.

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      Tony From Long Island

      Maestro, I would guess that laws pertaining to sex with someone who has been drinking differ from state to state. I am not familiar with the particulars of Oklahoma’s law.

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        Here in CT it is considered a sexual offense if you engage in sexual activity (even if consensual) with a person who is intoxicated or even borderline intoxicated, even if that person is your own spouse or romantic partner. We were told that in the SO Treatment group.
        Hence the reason for the so-called “rape culture” on college campuses. People getting tipsy and then sleeping with someone they weren’t exactly attracted to.

        The 14 yr old male in this story committed a crime and this woman should take full advantage of the 3rd wave feminism of today’s society and bring charges against him or at least a law suit. But instead, she’s cowering down to the court system that convicted her.
        People in her situation need to be at the front of the lines when making a stand against SO laws.

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          Jonny everyman

          Yeah because what jury is going to convict a 14 year old for having sex with a 19 year old. Nonsense

          Sex between two drunk parties isn’t the issue. Its the age of consent

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            Well Johnny boy, come tell that to the sex offender treatment organization as well as the probation dept here in CT.

            For someone who doesn’t make the laws, you sure seem to know what is and isn’t nonsense in regards to the laws.

            Oh, and yes, the DA’s here in Connecticut WILL charge AND convict a 14 yr old MALE with rape if the other person is under the influence and incapable of giving consent regardless of that person’s age. You’re unaware that CT is a liberal state. Therefore – feminism.
            Or do you know more about CT laws than I do? Just. Curious. 😉

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      This video does a great job of presenting the injustice and ubsuridity of any sex offender registry. I am an old man now, and I just endure the present registry reality with grace, while continuing to pray, and hope, and help in whatever way I am able. However, this video disturbs me to great anger, and I am appalled at the lack of action on the part of legislators and other officials who have the power to end this madness. Politicians will literally sell their soul for a vote, and destroy any life if it lends to their success. The registry issues are coming to a head now, and it seems certain that it will all be put into lap of the SCOTUS. Should they rule once more against registered citizens we shall endure treatment that exceeds anything we could imagine. We are at present merely public and political fodder. God help us if these laws are not utterly struck down.

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      I agree, why should only the nineteen-year-old be charged, when it was consensual! Just because you’re 14 years old doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. I feel they should not charge the so-called the adult, when they’re is a consensual partner underage, unless they charge both of them. My life is ruined and the other one seems to go free.

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