“A gimmick to make people feel safe,” says NARSOL’s vice-chair

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      Reprinted with permission By Travis Loller, AP . . . Sex offenders under community supervision in Tennessee are required to be in their homes with the
      [See the full post at: “A gimmick to make people feel safe,” says NARSOL’s vice-chair]

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      Found this AP article today which addresses kids killed on Halloween related to traffic:

      Halloween can be deadly for pedestrians, traffic study says


      -43% higher death risk on October 31
      -608 deaths on 42 Halloweens
      -55 deaths of kids 4-8 yrs old
      -NHTSA Data
      -CDC has similar data in their study (’75-’96)
      -Alcohol is a factor
      -Canadian study of USA data

      Study is in JAMA Pediatrics with more info and data, Pedestrian Fatalities Associated With Halloween in the United States,

      Take this data, NARSOL, et al, and compare it against registrant data for Halloween next time this point needs to be made to those who hammer registrants on Halloween.

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      I think it’s safe to assume that Officer Alisha James was not among the community supervision officers giving up their Halloween to harass the 3300 registrants that posed no threat in the first place.

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      It is most definitely a gimmick. Here in Texas they had us all sit in a community center from 5:30pm – 9:00pm. A fire alarm went off at one point and they couldn’t get it shut off for an hour and wouldn’t let us leave. Thankfully it was a false alarm but all the same.Not to mention we had a nasty storm rolling through at the time so i’m pretty sure no one was trick or treating anyway. I’m just thankful they didn’t try and reschedule trick or treating and force us to come back the next day or that weekend.

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      Unbelievable. Only in America.

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      James Gilcrest

      I think it’s only fitting that people the the SOR “sit this one out” this holiday season. Can parents safely allow their children to wander the neighborhood this Halloween season knowing that Sex offenders live in town? For the safety of children I believe you all should spend the entire night in jail. Your costumes can be an orange jump suit or striped pajamas! How would that be for a festive day!

      Do you understand the gravity of your offenses, and the alarm and concern it has caused the community? How can a parent safely allow their children to knock on a strangers door knowing that they may be kidnapped or molested? I for one have posted orange triangles in the yards of every sex offender in town. No signs, no placards, just an inconspicuous orange triangle, like the ones that pop up above your homes when I do a Megan’s law search. I know where every sex offender lives in town and I have notified my townships facebook page about their address!
      This way, if any kides go missing this trick our treat we know where to being to look!

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      It’s funny the one comment that speaks negatively about SO’s has the worst grammar and spelling.
      Mr. James Gilchrist – if you actually picked up a book or open mindedly looked at the statistics for once in your life instead of just listening to what the news and the fear mongering cops have to say. You would see that the offenders who have previously offended, hence being on the registry are the least likely to offend anymore period. That would mean you yourself are at a higher risk of offending than those on the registry.
      The other thing is… if you ever came across on away from their home, you wouldn’t even know it because we’re all human beings. So, hopefully you’re a Christian and God will judge you twice as hard for being that one to cast the first stone having been without sin and we all no one is with out sin. Thanks for reading and showing the ignorance of people who only want to hurt others.

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