A father’s response to the “sex offender big red dots”

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      By Charlie . . . Every year around Halloween, we start hearing the stories about the dangers lurking for our children. From razor blades hidden in can
      [See the full post at: A father’s response to the “sex offender big red dots”]

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      At least, this is ONE PARENT, that isn’t listening to ‘The Hype’, and using common sense. I just hope he doesn’t change his mind and decide to become a ‘Halloween Vigilante’!!

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      Tim in WI

      I’d bet the mother’s response would be quite the opposite.

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      H n H

      The reason why is that, “according to them” , children are not at a greater risk for harm from sex offenders during the Halloween season…

      No… It’s not “according to them”, it’s based on facts which Noone wants to hear, or accept. The fact that this article states such is another issue again. That “according to sex offenders”, they aren’t a threat. That’s my take on it, kind of a double edged sword.

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      The wonderful feeling of Fall coming in. Incredible change and wonderful cool nights, punctuated by the frosting of color going on now with the trees. “Robin Egg Blue” skies and long shadows on the ground. A sense of a gathering is in the air. Warm holidays of family and friends. Already QVC and Sam’s Club and all the others have Christmas stuff running at full speed. A fine Turkey with all the trimmings and Good Ole Bing Crosby on the radio crooning away-unless one is a Registered Sex Offender (I prefer “Registered Citizen).

      These Red-Dot stories and posts by the media I have been a victim of. Anyone when I was on the Reg could search by town. In my town at one point I was one of just under 20 “red dots”.

      Full Disclosure: I fulfilled my 10 years here in CT and was taken off the Reg about 2.25 years ago. But it still doesn’t do away with what I remember as a fear.

      You see in small towns and places the “Patch” and other outlets do their Annual Red Dot Outing. I used to be terrified of this time of year. I sat in abject horrir when the list came out. There I was. Red-Dotted. For all to see. It was the fact I was a part of the annual “special” publication. With a link to Connecticut’s Registry website for all to see. Again and again.

      When I came off the Reg here in CT I fund a way to get in touch with the Patch to remove me from all archives and listings. I had submitted the official document form the State Registry indicating I had been removed. I also told them if they didn’t remove all reference to me in their archives as well (google, etc searchable) I would sue the *hit out of them. They obliged and removed me and did a deep clean of their servers and took me off. Now, I can still partially be searched. My name does still come up on their data. But, “historical” links” go to a “null” listing. I am fine with that.

      My thought here is this. I think this is so damn predatory and ineffective this red-dot list. It serves no purpose other than to marginalize folks and to re-criminalize many of a person’s mistakes for which they potentially serve a Lifetime of regret, fear and embarrassment. I know this personally.

      So I do feel that a FIGHT has to be made. Yes I do understand the issues. However in the First Amendment culture I don’t know what “fight” is the “right fight.

      In my town now there are 30 folks under the Reg. I mostly know of them all because of being in “treatment” with them in the past. I never once saw these men as anything other than ones who had a terrible misjudgment of character. I feel for them and I wish them well. Some are on the REG for life. I can see it in their faces when the State does photographic updates for the Reg. I saw it in my face too on the website. It’s a face of a person in “fear”. And what good did or does that ever do?

      One sequesters oneself during the pre-launch of the “red dot” listings. Makes less trips outside of the home, even into the backyard. People Know. But once the list comes out and they get to affirm their little alleged fears it goes away. I never experienced anyone confronting me during those times. Though I do feel that I “projected” a bit of a “don’t even think about it Karen” attitude.

      In closure, this has been my Legacy now for many years. I am on Lifetime Federal Supervised Release. But I am OFF the Registry in CT. That my friends is the Shangri La.


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      Tim in WI

      At FTR cross, Pro Se:
      Q: Agent what KIND of sex offender is Mr. X?
      ADA, OBJECTION! Relevance to the question.
      Judge: Establish the questions relevance to the court Mr. X.
      Q: Agent does the state make distinction between kinds of types of sex offender listed on the registries?
      A: Yes, there’s color code dots….for each ……
      Q: Did that clear it up judge?
      Judge: Yes it does. Proceed with the line Mr. X.

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      I also fear the “red dot” list. This past January I was approached my a man following my case since it started in 16’. When I asked him why he quite casually stated “To seduce you.” I was terrified. He told me I had a choice. I could *uck him or he could spread my status around. I blocked him but, I didn’t stop watching my back until just recently. It’s terrifying how one mistake can ruin your life and make you a target.

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      Nicholas Maietta

      When there is one there is more. Most people are silent and their reasons vary from not wanting negative attention on themselves or just that they might feel it’s not worth speaking up about. Whatever their reasons are does not negate the fact there are many more for every single one that does speak up.

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      Evelia Sowash

      FinallOffTheReg, THANK YOU for posting! I am applauding loudly!👍❤️

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      I have not looked up a “red-dot” map in my area but maybe I will someday. All I can relate is my own story. Since I was not required to register I have not had to worry about my residence being on a map. However, when I was on probation (5 years) I had to “shut down” on Halloween which had a profound effect on my wife and small children at the time. We were constantly living with the questions we could hear our neighbors asking to themselves–why were we not giving out candy this year? Our home has always been open to trick or treaters for years now suddenly our house is dark while my wife has to take our kids out just to get them away. It was very hard for my wife especially. My conviction was for mental harm to a child, nothing sexual or violent, and not having to register I was shocked I had to follow these rules. I can only offer my prayers for those of you that are trying to move on with your lives and have to deal with this nonsense constantly. The hysteria has taken over the logical parts of people’s thinking. I’m not sure how this will ever change…

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      Drugs in the candy myth was huge in the 80’s and 90’s. To me, it never made sense for a drug dealer to put the guesstimated sum of 50 bucks worth of coke in a snickers bar just to give it away to an 8 year old. Petty dealers freak out over a 10 dollar debt but they put that stuff in candy for free? Nope, don’t make sense. Neither does convicted sex offenders conveniently choosing Halloween as the day to snatch up a little kid for their own deviant pleasure. See, it just goes to show how the weak minded and misinformed buy into crap like that thinking that stuff really happens every day all the time. Legislators love people like that who believe the unbelievable. It makes it easy to keep their seat in the house by passing ridiculous bills just to appease their ignorant beliefs.

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      Speaking of drugs, always remember that lawmakers, law enforcement, prosecutors, and most citizens in general, have allowed minors to take hormones and live as though they’re the opposite gender, while preventing them to use cannabis or some sort of cannabis extract to treat pain, seizures, and cancer. Adults who are 18-20 can’t even drink alcoholic beverages till their 21 yet minors (even the ones whose age are in the single digits) can take something that alters their physiology and live an unnatural, unhealthy, even degrading lifestyle. One of the main aspects of SO crimes that drives the ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred that most Americans have towards SOs, is the deal of the “psychological” damage or supposed psychological damage that occurs when the SO crimes take place. Surely, having minors take hormones and live like they’re the opposite gender is psychologically damaging as well.

      Legislators, or lawmakers, absolutely take pleasure in their hunt for SOs (particularly men, and mostly for any case involving someone under 18). They see their laws and pursuit of SOs as a “greater good” or common good, and so do the citizens that they represent. The ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred towards SOs has been ingrained into society for decades and it has been established that SOs are the “worst.” Since SOs are considered the “worst,” the legislators, law enforcement, prosecutors, and citizens have been programmed to treat SOs in the worse ways they could.

      Be it through the harsh and unfair laws and often the amendments (or add-ons) they make to them (like the one in FL where lawmakers had sneakily changed certain laws, so that charges get bumped up a degree, over small details that don’t have much to do with anything, so basically a 3rd degree charge becomes a 2nd degree one and renamed, to the great horror, shock, and surprise of whichever SO that this happens to), law enforcement putting lies on reports and manipulating them, law enforcement using an SOs possible mental condition against them (happens with many “confessions” that happen out there), defamation on the news (to direct negative attention towards them in jail or wherever else they may be), prosecutors vehemently working to give them more than what they deserve, the so-called places of treatment that would not let them in and if they do, the SO could be set up for perjury whenever the staff members decide to (most likely the lie being connected to what the SO was charged with), the registry along with an SO having to expose themselves to others in a neighborhood, and that whole sign thing around October.

      Legislators want people to be misguided with misinformation about SOs but it makes no difference. Even if a person knew that the recidivism rate for SOs is low and that the overall fear around October is irrational, they would still believe in their government and legislators.

      One things for sure, legislators, law enforcement, prosecutors, and most citizens will continue to stand by and allow minors (even ones 13 and under) to take hormones and live as if they’re the opposite gender, have sexual relations with each other (which are relations that only adults could consent to), and look at poison from the adult entertainment industry (God forbid that some of the males grow up and commit crimes of the same nature). Legislators, law enforcement, prosecutors, and most citizens also wouldn’t do much, if not anything, for minors that aren’t their own or aren’t their relatives. They wouldn’t bother with starving children in third world countries, as they live comfortably in their nice homes with their sofas, air conditioning, large flat-screen TV’s, Netflix subscriptions, etc.

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      Yet another way the government and law enforcement use this system to create crimes against anyone on the registry or their family’s. My kids have been harrased many times and I’m afraid for their lives. It seems that my kids life doesn’t matter when they say they want to protect kids.

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