36 sex offenders? Really?

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      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . NARSOL has so often called for truth in headlines and articles dealing with persons registered as sexual offenders. We hope that not al
      [See the full post at: 36 sex offenders? Really?]

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      Was this article you’re speaking of on their website or in a newspaper? If it’s a newspaper then I would send your article to that newspaper and keep sending it until they run it.
      If it’s on their website, I would advise that you link their site in your article on social media so they can get some backlash about how they actually ARE being self serving and looking for a pat on the back for ….. nothing.

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        Sandy Rozek

        It’s an online publication. My piece is on social media, and the link to their story is in the piece. I just wish this sort of thing were rare or even unusual, but it isn’t.

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          Hi Sandy,

          Thank you for the article and all the work that you do. There is something I recently learned that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention with regards to the South Carolina registry. SC no longer has a Tier 1 classification. They have now classified ALL former Tier 1 offenders as Tier 2.

          16 years ago, I pled guilty to a 1st offense peeping Tom charge. It was a non-contact offense, but it requires lifetime registry in SC (I didn’t learn of this until after I pled guilty, and because it was a misdemeanor I only had 10 days to appeal. I didn’t have an attorney, and didn’t learn I could appeal til years later. But that window has long passed)

          In any event, I was never sentenced to prison and received 2 years probation. I completed it successfully and was required to complete mandatory therapy. Based on my assessment and charge, I was placed in Tier 1 (lowest risk). A couple of days ago, I looked at the registry and found they have increased me to Tier level 2 – in spite of the fact I’ve had no re-offense and 16 years have passed.

          I immediately contacted SLED by email, and asked why my classification has been increased. SLED’s email response was, “South Carolina no longer has Tier I.
          Per our state law, this offense warrants tier II registration.”

          I was never notified, re-assessed, nor given any other explanation or opprtunity for Due process as to why SC no longer has a Tier 1 level.

          I wanted to pass this information along to you and other members. Im unsure if anyone else is aware of this. I cannot understand why SC has made this move. My understanding is SC is SORNA compliant now, but I thought SORNA required states to classify 3 Tiers?

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      Spartanburg County Stupid Office!

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      Facts should matter

      “Sex-offenders are given the opportunity to start over in society.”

      Being on the registry is NOT a second chance.. It’s a life-ending impediment!

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        A chance to start over? A Chance to start over???? In the words of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, “Bovine Scatology!!!!” What a blatant LIE!! This pish-posh about a chance to start over is nothing more than verbiage needed to legally avoid the registry being recognized as an unending punishment under color of civil regulation. “Collateral damage” is legalese for “Tough noogies!”. In other words, we don’t care how this destroys the offenders’ lives, the lives of his or her family, or puts the offender, the offender’s family or friends in harm’s way.

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      Being on the Sex Offender Register is like having stocks on both feet and having a 24/7 spotlight over ones head. Having any kind of felony record can bar a person from having a job, an apartment, and it is especially so if one has sex offense felony; there is really no starting over for those on the Registry. I am a college graduate with IT degree and used to make almost 100k salary per year before few years; “starting over” sounds like a feel good rhetoric that’s intended for public ears but far away from the truth.

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      NH Registrant

      It’s stunning how they lie about it. Only 3 of the ones grabbed were on the registry. The rest were for all different crimes. But, they call it “36 Sex Offenders”. Unbelievable.

      I am really starting to hate the general public and their ignorance. I was going through my Twitter today and I was going to follow someone I admired. But, then, on the person’s feed, I saw a story of how this woman killed her husband after finding his underage porn stash. They aren’t even trying the woman for that. They’re trying her for welfare fraud. They put the crime down to manslaughter instead of murder. And the person I was going to follow said something like: “Good. One less monster in the world.” And that tweet was followed by hundreds of others praising the woman for killing the man. It made me sick.

      I was convicted for the very same thing: possession. And I am a pariah for the rest of my life on the registry. Second chances? Nope. You get no second chances. You have to have your information and picture open for anyone to get along with a convenient map to your house. I can fully understand why some on the registry choose to end their lives. Living under the constant possibility of someone coming to your house and doing harm to you or your family is a living hell.

      The general public doesn’t care. They just would be glad to see you gone. How do we cope with that? How do we cope with being the black sheep of society? It’s a sick world we live in. Murderers and people who sell drugs to children, people who beat their families, people who break into people’s homes – they get a second chance when they finally get out. Just ridiculous.

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