2019 NARSOL Halloween marathon and “cop-watch”

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      We are so excited! This year NARSOL and ACSOL are joining together for our now-traditional Halloween Radio Marathon. Beginning at 5 p.m. eastern time,
      [See the full post at: 2019 NARSOL Halloween marathon and “cop-watch”]

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      I would like to thank NARSOL and ACSOL so much from my heart for everything you all do. Your job is never-ending and is very much appreciated.

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      Now to my angry rant. NARSOL is awesome because they are doing double duty. Once they get the police, prosecutors, group leaders, judges, detectives, supreme court justices, and law makers, citizens to finally pull their heads out of their A$$es they then have to remind all of them to wipe the $hit out of their eyes to be able to see clearly in the future. Hope I didn’t go over board!?! THANKS NARSOL!!!!!

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      Stand up and Fight

      Thanks Janice & ACSOL;

      “NARSOL is committed to ending Halloween hysteria and unconstitutional practices”

      Its a start, but don’t we want more than 6 hours of radio discussion?

      Lets really wake em up!
      NARSOL, if we unite, you should back all of us in a state-wide protest telling the Cabal in control,
      WE WILL NOT ever do their unlawful S.O. registration again in U.S. of Amnesia
      (9/11, the Cabal brainwashed to believe happen by a boogieman in a cave)

      Happy Halloween , don’t forget to lock your doors if case a madman looks up your address and decides to shoot you.

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      John S

      Dr. Jean Kennedy is my scheduled guest on “It Could Be You”, KABF Community Radio, Little Rock, Arkansas, on Wednesday, 30 October, 2-3 PM Central Time. If you’re within the broadcast area, its at 88.3 FM. If outside the broadcast area, go to http://www.kabf.org and access the program through one of the “Listen Live” links.
      We do plan to spend at least part of the program talking about the Halloween hysteria. This will be a telephone interview, so I won’t be able to take any in-studio calls. But if there is anyone within NARSOL ranks who wants to get a pertinent point out to the listeners, please let me know by next Monday at the latest. One example would be to cite references to the most recent study or studies that debunk the hysteria. Any new information will be most welcome.

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      Old offender

      My city in Colorado has no restrictions or monitoring of sex offenders on Halloween except those on parole or probation. Denver is however participating in the hysteria. My city just has our wonderful watchdog news media who are telling everyone to check where the boogy men sex offenders live before sending their kids out.

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      After reading some of the posts on here Jim reminded me about being angry. Sure we can all be a bit angry and this sex offender thing would make anyone angry but correction is always good. sSanding up and speaking out is good. At times my mouth can get out of control .

      Yes, I want to give appreciation to Robin and Janice for presenting this upcoming Hallowing Radio Marathon about this hysteria and giving time to let others give view’s and comments in this war battle of this sex offender labeling steryotype ordeal. We all have to stand up for fair justice and truth in all this

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      5 PM EST would be 2PM MST so if the sun is still up at 8PM in the SouthWest kids and parents don’t go treating until it is dark, which is around 8PM or later. So this just means that any activity of interest may go missed on our side of the swamp.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        This is why it is lasting six hours, so each hour the focus can be on the part of the country that corresponds with the hour that the program is in. If it started any later, guests who are in eastern time would be staying up past midnight if they wished to continue participating.

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      Rickey Moore

      I didn’t see a mention of the date.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        It will be on Halloween, October 31.

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