Reply To: Packingham petition offers hope for change at nation’s highest court


Interesting point It truly makes no sense. The only logical way they could apply this, is to make it a crime to create an account, not to access the site.

Another point I feel they should address is, what happens when a minor joins a site they are not supposed to join? Facebook’s registration form does not offer an age younger than 18. One can assume this means that Facebook is for 18 and over users. Yet we all know there are users under 18 on it. So even if we had ample alternatives for sites for only 18 and over users, what is going to stop users under 18 from joining? And when they join are we now in violation of the law?

If their argument is that SOs in this state can not access sites that allow minors, then from where I am sitting, Facebook appears to be an ample alternative.

I am going to look up Facebook’s Terms and see how they address age restrictions.