Reply To: Colorado registration statute under attack



If you’re on Probation, those idiots don’t want you to have a partner. They’d rather we never engage in sexual intercourse ever again. And that makes me wonder what the probation officers and “SO Treatment” providers do in their own sex lives. They come off as all prim and proper but I bet they are all animals in the bedroom.
Oh, and since “boys will be boys”, I’ve literally HEARD police officers on several occasions talk sexually explicit about women who pass them by. How have I heard this so up close and personal? Back when I was a teen, my uncle at the time was a police officer and of course him and his buddies would gather for sporting games on TV and the way these guy talked made me want to take a shower! It was THAT dirty.
Now imagine the MALE probation officers for SO’s. Guys are guys, like it or not. How do these men dictate our sex lives while talking all kinds of sexual nonsense when they’re alone together?