Reply To: Colorado registration statute under attack


Very well said. I like to say that my past doesn’t define who I am now. I tend to meet the woman first and see how I like her, but I make sure to make her aware of this by the 2nd date for a couple reasons, but mainly because I would rather get dumped now before the relationship progresses too far.

I was very nervous when I told my last girlfriend, but we relieved by her reaction. She trusted me and even her ex husband was accepting and allowed me to be part of his kids lives. I really appreciated that. It was a very encouraging sign that not everyone is ignorant.

I do wish that dating sites didn’t have policies banning us though. These days most matches are found online and we are restricted in that way. I joined once and thought everything was cool. Then they sent me an email explaining that because of status on the SOR they are deleted my account and didn’t give me a refund. I have yet to find a dating site that does not ban us. Craigslist doesn’t count as a dating site.