Reply To: Colorado registration statute under attack

Allen W.

Chris, I understand your frustration. My question is do you disclose to them before they do the search? and if so are you making sure to address what they will see if they do the search? I have never had a problem finding a girlfriend and keeping them. I even met a woman and her and I were getting to know each other very well then she told me about her ex husband and what he did to her daughter… OMG!!! I was so freaked out at this point. I tried to distance myself from her and end the building relationship because I had not told her about my past.. Then one day she put me on the spot and demanded I talk to her and tell her what my plans were with our relationship. So ok I bit the bullet and did a disclosure to her. I was so flipping scared about her reaction.. especially since she works for the same company as me and afraid what she would tell everyone. To my surprise she didn’t jump up and run out of the room.
Keep your chin up and be proud to be who you are today. You are not your past, You are not your mistake. Yes you made a mistake but that is not who you are today.