Reply To: Pokemon Go and sex offenders


Whether “parole” or “probation” the point I keep arguing is that these things eventually come to an end and then you’re free to do as you please and that doesn’t change the fact that at one point in time you (we) broke the law.
Parole is NOT part of your sentence. Parole is either granted or denied while you’re IN prison and hoping to get out early. No one is entitled to parole.

Probation on the other hand IS part of the sentence. You do 2 yrs and have 10 more suspended with 10 years of probation telling you what you can and cannot do and stupid reason as to why. “Children might be present”. Yeah and? Children might be present anywhere I go AFTER my probation ends and you crazy wastes of tax payer money cannot dictate my life anymore. So then what?

The end result of all these mental abuse on us is that it makes many of us HATE the site of “children”. When I think “children” I don’t think of the girl that was 1 yr under legal age. I think of little tiny tots barely able to use the toilet on their own still.
When your offense was with a POST pubescent teenager, how do they justify that you might be attracted to 7 yr olds??? It’s insanity. And their insanity can only last for the duration of time the court put you on probation.

Bottom line – Probation restrictions make no sense and the entire probation department should be dismantled. Especially when probation can be ended early AND/OR you can take a few more years in prison to not have to do probation. In which case the P.O’s lame excuse of “Probation is here to help keep you and society safe” is a load of crap and they say it to make themselves sound like they’re accomplishing something.