Reply To: Pokemon Go and sex offenders


Actually, punishment can infringe on rights as long as due process is complete. Most felony charges have parole stipulations for those on parole and many of them don’t make any sense. These stipulations are signed and agreed to before the prisoner is released onto parole. If they don’t agree to them, they can finish their punishment incarcerated. Most states have a parole stipulation that offenders can’t use the internet at all without supervision. That means no games, no social media, nothing. While I was on parole, I was only allowed to search for jobs at the unemployment office. They can also search your home, vehicle, or work space without a warrant while you are on parole. They make you take drug tests and breathalyzers. All of these things are allowed under the supervision of parole because the person is not completely free yet. They are under supervision for a specified time in lieu of incarceration. As far as on parole or not is troubling. When laws like this extend to non-parole SOs, that’s when the constitutional fight really begins because that’s an ex post facto punishment.