Reply To: Pokemon Go and sex offenders


This post reminded me, I actually came up with an idea to improve our advocacy efforts and I’d like the staff at RSOL to weigh in on this:

I performed a public service good deed by helping a stranded vehicle out of the middle of the road near a busy intersection the other day and wondered to myself, “What if she knew I was a registered sex offender?” and an idea was born.

I would like to create a business card campaign with a tagline something like, “Changing public perception one good deed at a time” The business card itself would not mention that the holder of the card was a registered sex offender, but rather would have a website link on it for the recipient to check out at a later time after the offender who did the deed is long gone. Once the recipient of the card visits the website, they would see a bold message that tells them they were helped by a registered sex offender and then go on to provide facts on recidivism and advocacy.

Basically, after a registered citizen performs a selfless good deed to a member of the community, they would hand the recipient the business card and ask them to check out the site later that day. The cards would be generic with no names on it.

I feel this would be a good way to slowly start changing public perception of registered citizens. Any input would be greatly appreciated