Reply To: Pokemon Go and sex offenders


Here we go again…Those on parole cannot download, access or play Pokeman…and that restriction is solely limited to sex offenders. Tell me, how does that stop the game from putting those cute little creatures in proximity to a sex offender residence? Or that by denying a SO on parole from playing protects a potential victim? This is just another law that does nothing but gives the public a false sense of security.
Is anyone aware that in the course of day to day living one may be in proximity to a sex offender-and a whole lot closer than from the sidewalk to the SO’s door? Proximity occurs when you are walking down the street, riding a bus or subway car, shopping at the grocery store, standing in line to pay taxes or license a vehicle, waiting with your dog at the vet, having a cup of coffee at the diner, sharing a public bathroom-or in 100 other ways. The public might make eye contact, nod, smile, or say hello to a SO and then go on about their day – safely-without having a clue that they just exchanged passing pleasantries and proximity with a registered sex offender.
As for the media and lawmakers, if they were so ‘concerned’ about people’s welfare then they should stop being biased and point out all residents of parolees who have been convicted for crimes against person, property of society and ban them too from downloading, accessing or playing Pokeman, too. Pokeman players have been subjected to murder, physical assaults, robberies-and injuries caused by their own inattentiveness. But, then, none of that plays as well as ‘fear the sex offender!’ does it?