Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense


Well James I have to agree, but in retrospect who is doing all that can be done? What is the right step? I can tell you one thing friends. No real change is going to happen from litigation alone. Not in this situation. Like in all major movements in this county’s history it will take peaceful discussions, active protest, and unlawful defiance. People will need to make sacrifices,go to prison, face violent reactions from the opposition ,and devote their lives to issue. NOT just post on Twitter and online chat rooms. That’s what’s wrong with people now days. They don’t want to face reality. They don’t want to put in the footwork to create change. They’d rather talk from the safety from their homes then risk losing their security. The civil rights movement didn’t happen over night,some would argue they’re still going on today. Do you think anything would have happened though if protesters hadn’t marched on Selma or Malcolm decided it wasn’t worth the risk of going to prison. I don’t. This country was founded on war fought on two fronts political and literal. Sadly sometimes confrontation and violence are both forgone conclusions and necessary for change. In this situation it’s almost as if the authorities are trying to push SOs into a corner to get a violent reaction out of them so they can justify themselves. Which is why this movement is so important as a means of prevention of such an occurance. Also if violence is necessary is important to ensure it’s not caused by an SO. It’s far easier to make the case of an SO being a victim when they’re the target of a violent attack then the other way around. So it’s not just a question about who leads,but who is willing to be a marder for the cause?