Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense

James Townsend

D I forgive you on here and Fred I have to say RSOL is doing everything they can but they need input also. They can’t run to each person’s house and interview them so now lets all get down to business. Remember the sex registry is not a game.

I’ve had my battle scars from back in the 70’s and I’m sure you all know what a weekend warrior is. Yes I settled down in the mid 90’s and in the new decade than along comes the sex registry and these sting operations.

Sure I watched Chris Hanson’s To catch a predator and all those things. Listened to Adam Walsh and his American’s Most Wanted even along the way of life I picked up a bit more of a Christian background and a Christian background never hurts.

Lonely I got on the internet one night started talking to adult girls but one night in the chat room there was this person that said nobody would talk to her and I asked her why and she said she was a 16 year old girl. She said the other guys on their wouldn’t talk to her so I talked to her.

I was curious all the same just like everybody else on here. Any to make a long story short. The first night I cut it off and went to bed. The next night not thinking about all this she was on the site and she clicked onto me and I wondered why as I didn’t really want to talk the second night to her.

To make a long story short I said would you like to meet me. She said nothing and I said tell you what I will come down their since we were meeting in the park, she had wanted to meet me at her home. I told her on one condition , NO SEX.

You see that girl was pushing me into something and I wanting to find out what it was. Sure I was curious and sure I spoke to soon on the phone and even asked to back out as my conscious was killing me. She did call me back after I hesitated to come down and said are you still coming and I said I wanted to back out and she said why we are meeting in the park what could happen. The only got me for intent and talking for a supposed teenage gal.

Now if I would of ask for sex it would have been a who different situation but the main point is they wanted one to make a choice. Give you an opportunity.
“Beguile one” and that was not right

No Minister should do something like this. Did you ever watch the Clint Eastwood movie the Beguiled or the movie Jungle Fever and yes the topic is there but the meaning is what some miss.

I think Brent said May God find a way. No Brent God’s already found a way. Its up to “We the people to make a noise” and RSOL is there also.

Oh and while your looking up some of this See how Jessie James went down in flames… So don’t look at all this as you being a dunce. Look at it as a learning experience.. And yes Police are still ministers of God d.