Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense


My son, who still maintains he did not have consensual sex with a girl under 18 for which he was convicted, served his jail term and is off probation. He is still considered a tier 3 sex offender and cannot attend his children’s school activities and sports events because the school superintendent has threatened to have him arrested for trespassing if he is on school grounds. he cannot drive them to school or pick them up. He has to have them walk through a farm field to get to and from his car. He misses seeing one daughter who is a star goalkeeper for soccer, another who has starring parts in school musicals, and his son who runs track and cross country. He misses their school chorus recitals. I tried talking to the superintendent, saying that he would attend the events with me as chaperone, but he refuses to allow him on school grounds. It’s time to stop these witch hunts.