Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense

James Townsend

While I have to be contrary to all this poke’mon crap I do have to say its time for all on here to stand up. Now you’ve all heard the old saying: For every dark cloud theirs a rainbow. You just have to look for the rainbow.

Were talking about sin in all this area of sex offense. Now weather these ministers of Justice set you up or not with some fake teenager, or gave you an opportunity use some biblical knowledge instead of worldly wisdom.

Oh yes there have been times I’ve kicked myself in the butt and got down on myself and felt like an outcast but the shame of it all is the shame of what those ministers did.

Now remember somebody always knocks my comments down so my comments are probably a hill of beans and nobody likes being a beanbag the rest of their life do they.

So when you understand the right rainbow to seek it makes things much clearer and one also has to give thinks to those advocates that stand up for this. So we all need directions not detours. Well isn’t this sex registry a detour to some.