Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense


I really appreciate the goal of this site, but when an entire society and its judiciary are working hand in hand to deny people, any people their inalienable rights of speech, expression, etc, all one can do is wait it out and hope the same thing happens to them. Its ironic, a criminal is defined as a person who denies a person their right to life, liberty, and property through force, just as a SORA does, and by the very people who really do have a legal duty to do so only as a punishment, just as the 13th amendment of the us const. states.

These people did the same thing to communists in the 50s by requiring them to register, but it was ruled unconstitutional. Then they did it to members of the NAACP and it was also ruled illegal. They did this because they were scared monkeys who deemed those people and groups as threats. These rulings have never been overturned and yet here we are decades later dealing with the same kind of fanatics in power as usual.

Granted, if they want to waste there time and money by creating a sex offender information site, they can have it. But they have no legal right of any kind to force u.s. citizens to give them that information. U.s. citizens are not products or property of any state or of the united states and don’t have to do anything for the u.s. government unless we get something in return.

The only thing a person convicted of a sex crime gets through a SORA is to be able to remain somewhat free. This is defined as slavery or indentured servitude and you guessed it, it can only be imposed as a punishment.

Now it must be asked of you, if you have to tell someone about all of the uses of your 1st Amendment rights or go to prison, are you a slave? Well of course you are, since you have no lawful right to use them without telling someone.

Naturally, no one seems to care, and currently this nation is being subverted by radical groups and a judiciary that only wants its image to look good, rather than follow the laws. OK, if that’s the case then you have nothing to complain about, because just remember this well established law, what comes around, goes around.