Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense


I agree that these pokemon or others rules geared towards the offenders are just too judgemental and creating panic and fear. We must make noise on the steps of the Capitol as all other groups seeking equality. I CONTINUE TO SAY THE REGISTRY SHOULD BE FOR ALL CRIMINAL MINDS OR NONE. A few months ago an autistic child wondered off from a family gathering and tragically drowned. There was offers to search for him. But rumors spread that the police did not really want volunteers because of the fear of predators wanting to join. Personally if my child or grandchild wandered off I would welcome anyone to truly help. Anyway the foul and prejudiced comments were being posted in the media that perhaps it was a “sex offender” who took this child, when indeed, it was the negligence of the parents and they were not charged. We need to make a stand and also PLEAD AND QUOTE THE CONSTITUTION that the punishment is too harsh even after you have paid the price in prison and personal persecution!