Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense

James Townsend

Brent, Cindy, d, and all my old friends on these comment chats about the sex registry and the offender. While I’m a sex offender myself I don’t even worry about it. It seems that each time I try to comment someone knocks me down on here.

Its a shame that people won’t listen to people and have their own mindsets on here that is why I don’t comment. Sometimes one has to say ” If a man thinkest”.

I know we are all oppressed by this as are those 850.000 people on the registry so is anything really concrete being done? If anyone has an ear let them hear but as far as RSOL goes it seems they want to Resolve this thing but that’s like the blind leading the blind and I’m sure this post will not be posted as RSOL wants to be the leader of the pack as do the other advocates that are fighting for this cause.

Do not be discourage there is hope if we all inform the People and the media of all this. I can’t say RSOL is going at this the right way or the wrong way and a lot of these comments depress me but don’t be discourage