Reply To: ‘Pokémon Go’ sex offender ban is nonsense


may GOD find His way to settle this mess on how sex offenders are treated. People don’t realize that children, teens, young adult, adults and the old are all at risk for being labeled a sex offender. Thus, all the heavy laws put in place on offenders will be given to all age groups and affect a multitude of families. Many won’t realize the damage done until it the strict judgment rains on there on families and by then it’s to late. I’m a registered offender who made a dumb decsicion at a house party when I was 20 and had to go to prison 3 years, given ten years parole and have 7 left. My son suffers from it cuz I can’t take him to do kid stuff. He asked why we can’t go to Parks or the zoo. This breaks my heart and sadly it’s has to be this way until he is fourteen or fifteen years old when I’m off parole My family is impacted too by this cuz I can’t be around female minors under 18 and this includes my own family members. I’m frustrated that I’m not the only one facing these hard times but many people out there are too. Fathers torn from there homes, and families destroyed because of this registry stuff. I believe the system can be used for good, but at this time there is so many flaws that many are suffering not just me. I pray often that someone will find a way to make these laws better and parole system too. I thank all those who show mercy and understanding rather then strict judgment and hate. God bless I send my best.