Reply To: Penn. Supreme Court nixes lifetime registration for some


You can convey all the rhetoric and disparities that comes to mind, but the actionable faith in solidarity would be the only way to bolster the necessity for change. Each grieveance, favorable report, or unbiased analysis, becomes a brave foot soldier in the fight to honest and balanced justice. Each time a registered citizens challenges a precedent or unique dysfunction of the law whether local, state or federally then the baby battles become slights to victories. On the flip side of the coin, your caring congresspersons and lovely legislators tend to be preemptive in the attempt to repair the ruins with a belated band-aid so as to correlate damage control. Pennsylvania and Colorado are indicative of how this cloaked miscarriage of justice can bring about change.
Similarly paramount to the aforementioned is the crucial legal challenge of International Megan’s Law with its overreaching salutations and reasonings so strangely justified. This fight or selective battle is of ultra-essence to the basic or foundational freedoms of registered citizens. In no gesture or sensible remedy is this law either fair or merely constitutional. This in effect steals the human basic rights from say for instance; registered citizens spouses and children and subsequently restricts their movement as well. This is the front line and the meat and potatoes of the war for ROSL and its associates all be damned. Have not fear but fortitude to face your detractors. Keep your weapons of words at the wayside for eventual or likely use against those who threaten what is an undeniable right and exercise of individual liberty. The progressive nature of SO laws are out of step with the true cycle of accountability, reintegration and redemption within our society and free world. The insistence of lawmakers and judges ignoring the instruments available at hand or the non-use of jurisprudent authority is widespread and popular in all political arenas using false contentions as bonafide data daily and hourly with no affirmative gain but monetized fronts. This is perhaps the saddest time period for criminal justice reform.