Reply To: Penn. Supreme Court nixes lifetime registration for some


I know…what’s so scary and frustrating is knowing that local, state, federal laws could change and make a bad situation intolerable. I was set up in a sting and some days i find myself seething with rage against the system that tricked me into destroying my life. My health is suffering. Every cell in my body aches. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of moments i’ve felt free and happy since this nightmare began 3 years ago. And i know most of you out there have it just as bad- most likely even worse. Most SO”s are so beaten down they don’t have the will or energy to stand up for themselves. If even 10% of the 850,000 stood up and got active i KNOW we would get some real results. I’m so grateful for RSOL and everyone who fights for us.

Trying to stay positive. Best revenge is to live well- so i’ve been told. Still, time keeps passing and i’m sick of feeling like my life has been wasted. Maybe there’s a way to “live well” in this little box i’ve been put in, i don’t know. Angry at how misrepresented SO’s are as a group. Tired of feeling like a 5th rate citizen. Sort of want to stay just to fight but feel like an ant taking on an elephant. Uruguay?