Reply To: Penn. Supreme Court nixes lifetime registration for some

Emil S

Hello, is there a country where one can immigrate to?
I was convicted of low level sex offense but they required me to register none the less and my life has been severely affected. I don’t have any other record and have not had any since. I have a college degree and had a good career before. Now I cannot even find a job at times. So much restrictions when it comes to finding a place to live and the prospect of having my own family seems so grim. I don’t haven any such interests in minors; it was a dark point in my life where I just gave up after being like depressed and I happen to respond to this “underaged girl” who messaged me.
Now I want to rebuild my life, but I feel like this huuuge burden over me and my best efforts have turned short. I want to do good; I volunteer in my free time, and wish good onto others. But when people find out the I am in the sex offender registry they see me with the corrupted filter and consequently bring me down. It is so difficult to function straight with so much restrictions and burden. How can this be happening in the land of the free, home of the brave? People are swayed by fear and paranoia to the point that they are willing to lynch others on suspicion and made up tale.