Reply To: Penn. Supreme Court nixes lifetime registration for some


If there was such a thing as honor and dignity, justice Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Ct. deserves none. I am not certain why he made such a ridiculous ruling in Smith v. Doe, but even the state of Alaska overruled it. Perhaps he has encountered some form of sexual abuse during his lifetime, as has just about 100% of Americans have.

But it is clear to any reasonable person that a Sora as applied is illegal in every respect. Even NYS law rulings have determined a Sora to be illegal. In Fuentes v. Bd. Of Education. Nys Ct. Of appeals 2009, the high Ct ruled that where a person is under the control of a person who does not possess a custody order they cannot make education choices for their own children. The Nys Sora has no language of custody within it as applied, since if it did it would be considered custody and unconstitutional.

Now I understand most of America is devoid of the understanding of law, but your so called government officials are legal professionals. They also know an American citizen has no lawful duty of any kind to provide labor, services, and their image to them.

I bet if you told any judge to tell you where you live. Work, go to school, vehicles they own, etc., they would tell you it violates every tenet of jurisprudence except when being punished.

So all of this nonsense about rulings and so called due process is a farce of law. They can fool some ignorant people, but not all. What is so disconcerting is that even rsol cannot help in any substantive way, even when the law is simply trash.