Reply To: Penn. Supreme Court nixes lifetime registration for some

James Townsend

You know I have been involved in all this sex registry for 4 yrs. Took a plea deal as I wasn’t prepared to go to court at the time as most are in these fictitious ordeals. Sure police do these operations. Its a numbers game and a go fish expedition.

Articles like the supreme court of Penn issue only try to make all these sex sting operations look good to the public eye when they know the real truth is shadowed in these sting operations that are conducted by the small police force.

If we never had internet none of these sex sting operations would happen via the internet. Is all this informal interaction or man to man interaction. Do people kill people with their words or do authorities break one down with their words to get one wrapped up in all this.

People those authorities should be promoting good and honesty and not some fictitious scenario such as this. Look at all the people on here crying out for justice. All this boils down to just a mind game

Tim talks about porno, I was reading and looking at porno in the 70”s and who promotes porno, the government as they make a lot of money from that industry. Look at movies. Look at bikini’s and how women let it all hang out.

And here they will use little fictitious innocent children to con on into some sort of opportunity to catch one in this sexual game of blind man’s bluff.

I guess the bible doesn’t teach authorities anything much less man but I think I would rather agree to the bible instead of man’s bible. Yes we all learn a lot and those in high places try to cover up their mistakes they do on mankind.

Tim mentioned slavery. I wonder who induced slavery or are we still living in the civil war era of today?