Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing

James Townsend

RSOL has some of the wildest writers on here with these story’s about all this wrong. I thought this site was for the main issue that all of us are facing and to Resolve it or Restore it……The Atlanta Conference is coming up and I’m waiting to hear the reviews weather positive or negative.
A murder today just got out of prison after spending 25 years of his life behind bars. Investors and science failed. His DNA wasn’t a match after so many years, He was berated by police interrogator’s and signed a paper saying he could go home. Surprise? they convicted him anyway. The article says they planted dirty clothes he was wearing that night but the DNA wasn’t a match as it matched some crack head

2 years earlier that had passed away they say. I’m glad he got his freedom and justice

As for all of us we are still lifers in a way to this sex registry but everyone has to come together on this. There is good and bad in the sex registry but its also the principals they use to stenotype that person. Hey what can I say a sin is a sin.