Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing

James Townsend

I like the name Nobodyspecial and your right nobody is special. I have another polygraph test coming up again but I can’t worry about it and those in authority are always going to intimidate you one way or another or someone is going to complain.

Have I lost confidence in authority’s. Well I was mad and upset at first that someone could pull the wool over me, but than why get mad and upset. Where does it get anyone. Sure your people around you might look down on you but they don’t have to walk in your shoe’s daily.

Be strong, bold, and positive. I would rather be wrong and be a nobody than be right and be a somebody. Being angry about all this isn’t the way to go. Stand up for your rights as we all still have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.