Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing


I just got accused of stalking someone that ive never even seen. I have not followed anyone and am not interested in doing it in the future. Now i have to go to court to try and clear my name and still do not know what this person looks like. Just got out of court and it seems there is more to it. The people were told it was me supposedly by someone else and the girl doesnt even know what i look like. The registry just makes it easy for people to make false accusations. I cannot find a job because they dont want the little red dot on their business, therein I dont have money for a lawyer. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from this kind of harrassment…i just want to give up…its been over 11 years since my first accusation and i was told to take a plea( that was for probation and 10 yrs registration supposedly)…. by my lawyer who then married the chief of police after my incarceration of 3 yrs and now its lifetime registration??? I have been in no trouble for that time….yet it found me again when i was minding my own business…. I dont know what to do anymore…