Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing


Who’s advocating for victim shaming? Felonies committed in a blackout? Not sure i’m following you….

To me, the point is that it’s dangerous to accept allegations that a crime occurred without doing any real investigating. Is it fair to charge and convict someone of a crime based on the uncorroborated testimony of one person? With no evidence and no witnesses?

The story of the Olympic swimmers is, to me, just another high profile example of false criminal allegations. There’s been plenty of well-publicized examples of false sexual abuse allegations- Duke University’s Lacrosse Team and the University of Virginia case that was printed in the Rolling Stone just to name a few. Lot’s of other cases out there that, to me, seem to be very questionable. Do a google search of “false sex abuse allegations” and see what comes up.

Of course we don’t want to shame victims. It’s just that being charged/convicted of a sex crime is SO serious- maybe more so than murder- that we need to be very careful when pressing these charges.

As far as sex abuse allegations- do we want a category of crime that only requires the uncorroborated testimony of a single individual to secure a conviction?