Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing

James Townsend

Ok d I didn’t want to comment on this article all of you all need to realize that nobody is an angel. Sure teenagers are going to lie just like adults if they get into a situation that they think they can’t handle but truth is always the best.

This article is sort of mixed with cynicism about these boys and you know we all lie at one time or another and that’s even quoted in the bible.

Ok sure I had a potty mouth. Sure I went down there. Sure they (authorities) clicked onto me the second night. — Two wrongs don’t make a right—-

It is impossible that offenses do come, but woe to him thru whom they come. You see d you can do anything in life you want but when someone offends YOU than that’s a different matter all together.

Do the math people you can do anything you want but nobody forces it down your throat or creates an opportunity to force it down your throat.

This internet sex sting operation is a golden opportunity to set the world back on its axis as it is the most unjust thing man has come up with.. One needs heavy hitters in this sex ordeal that all of us are going thru.