Reply To: U.S. Olympic swimmers’ lies unravel under scrutiny : The danger of simply believing


Funny…when i heard about the robbery hoax i immediately thought of sex abuse allegations. Why do people who aren’t actually victims of a crime want to claim victim-hood? Attention? Money?

Recently i heard a podcast on the show “Reveal” where the creator of the radio show, Tennessee Watson, decided to file sexual abuse charges against her former gymnastics coach who she claims abused her when she was 7. The tone of the story was how frustrating it is to not get “justice”. So….25 years after a crime occurred (and by the way her father was there during the lessons- she claims the abuse happened behind a screen) she expects what?

Do we really want a category of crime where all one needs to be convicted is uncorroborated testimony from one individual? Where there is no statute of limitations and one is to completely trust decades-old memories from early childhood?

Does anyone remember the “recovered memory syndrome” craziness back in the 80’s? People were being hypnotized by a therapist who specialized in recovering “lost” memories and then claiming they could recall bizarre events that happened in their childhood- satanic rituals which involved them being sexually assaulted by their own father, for example. Their testimony sent several people to prison over allegations that were completely untrue. How could any respectable judge accept such crap? The things they claimed happened was like Nathanial Hawthorne’s ‘Young Goodman Brown’- except with incest and psycho-babble.

Don’t tell me to always believe the victim. Sometimes they lie. Victims are humans too.

I’m absolutely in favor of punishing abusers. However, we need to still protect the rights of the accused. Just because it’s a sex crime should not mean “guilty until proven innocent”.

If you haven’t heard about “recovered memory syndrome” please look it up.