Reply To: Judicial courage in the face of Colorado’s Lifetime Act

Want Justice

When will this mAdness end? The SOMB, a.k.a SOB’s think they are in charge but guess what? They ARE NOT! Only God is in charge. All those greedy hypocrites on the SORNA and politicians will have their day of judgement for ruining so many of God’s people’S lives. My son is too suffering for having sex with his first girlfriend ever and they were both in school! I can bet you those politicians and the SORN, SOMB, SOB’s in my book did the exact same thing when they were his age. They are such lieing hypocrites, who are they to condemn others? Why can’t we stop this madness? The media is no help with the crap they broadcast either. Polygraph’s was proven on 20/20 as not effective and most employers do not use Polygraphs anymore. So, how did those idiot’s on the Sex Offender Board get to continue to use this worthless device? Why can’t we get a human rights, constitution, bill of rights, Judge, attorney, someone with authority to outlaw this piece of crap Polygraph worthless machinery?