Reply To: Judicial courage in the face of Colorado’s Lifetime Act

James Townsend

Emil good question when will this all end. It will all end when authorities know the truth that they don’t go around and play their mind games to induce one to make a choice to meet a fictitious gal. While I hate to preach again about all this. Read your history.

See police have authority to do good but if you do evil than watch out. There is confusion in all this. Authorities are to promote good first. Asking one to bring rubbers or send dirty pictures or whatever they do to get one into a situation to make a choice is unheard in any true Minister.

One can’t call the kettle black, all lives matter and justice today is like going to an unjust court room and pleading to this with a plea deal. Did they trespass against you first or did you trespass against them? So we all need to stand up to this and make a stand like RSOL is doing but they sometimes need input and directions also.

This country is dirty and when authorities do things like this it makes it all the more dirty.