Reply To: Sixth Circuit rejects Michigan residency & premises restrictions

Tom wilds

I was convicted of a csc 3 attempted. In 2007. I was sentenced to 180 days and 60 months probation and 25 yr registry. In which it said after ten yrs I could petition to be removed if no other convictions. After 90 days in jail I was released and put on house arrest. And was on probation maybe four years. It was mainly they wanted their money. I was in a sex offender class for the first year and completed it. Then in 2011 they changed the law and I have to register for life. Which I felt was a double jeopardy case but no one would fight it.
I’m self employed and lose jobs all the time do to me being a SO. I chalk it up and move on but tonight my daughter came home and said her friend said I was a rapist. My daughter doesn’t even know what that means. It’s no just me being punished after I served my jail time. It’s my family. I can’t take the kids to the lake to swim or the county fair. My kids are being punished every day. And in my case I have full custody of my kids and the mother has nothing to do with them. That should prove I’m not a threat but the state still won’t let me be a parent. I mean as far as family activity.