Reply To: Sixth Circuit rejects Michigan residency & premises restrictions


Nice to meet you, I wasn’t convicted in a court martial or tried federally, my case stems from a civilian conviction that was adjudicated nearly 12 years ago. I was incarcerated for over a year and subsequently released for probation. I was still technically on military roles which required a redo of my discharge that was eventually set aside and I was retained in service and continued to serve under probationary stipulations. During this time I was deployed, reenlisted and promoted dually while me and my family being mistreated and harassed among the military community for the discovery of my being a registered sex offender in my homeland (US) and while overseas, shamefully. Notwithstanding the maltreatment, politically it was the shady stance of the congress and cabinet offices involved that sometimes had a direct hand on the dictation on the planned outcome of my disposition. I was discharge under secretarial plenary authority covering sex offenders which somehow the secretary’s prerogative. I possessed in hand ,approved retirement orders and comptent recommendations for retirement which were scrupulously suspended to ride the governmental gravy train to roundup registrants and offenders. The administrave conflicts involved were severely and greatly unconstitutional. I was extended temporarily pending a review thru federal court and then discharge when the judge lacked authority to extend. My case was retained and has been in continuance eversince my discharge. In the preliminary, I’ve gone before arbital determinations and received an honorable discharge before the intermediate board and I’m awaiting the final review board which will eventually find itself back in federal court, once I suffer due process and arbital remedies. My fight being a plaintiff is administrative double jeopardy, due process clauses and a ton of other violations circumventing my retirement due to political expediency. Let me know how I can obtain your email and we will go from there.