Reply To: Sixth Circuit rejects Michigan residency & premises restrictions


Thank you ! We can’t sit down and say nothing I live nearly shame free in a state where I was lowered to level 1 and was recently dismissed from registry in my state of conviction after a 10 year stint with not even an ounce of objection from the prosecutor, maybe due to my proven continued military service. But what boggles me is he brethren left behind who have no chance to reinvent their very own lives against the corrupt and conscript. At every chance to seize relative freedom grab the goat by the horns no matter how rowdy the ride. Stare tyranny and totalitarian thinking in its face. I had a inquisitive woman who was processing my paper at the sheriffs office ask; ” you are a sex offender and you are still in the military???” And my paused equally egged reply was , ” does a bear crap in the woods or on top of your desk? Lol that’s the world we live in, all the rhetoric, laughing, lambasting, libel you can lull at a person so adjudged until the ” no never not me ” happens to you with a likely reply of ” how could they do such a thing ! This is injustice, ignorance and illegal. Hear how hypocrites once afoul fall in favor of change. The best recourse that Mich. should take is a total revamping of established polices and adopt models like states that understand this hateful hyperbolic scheme by keeping level 1/2 off the public registry and only retaining predatory and defined dangerous person on by an actual necessity of law and to give a permanent pathway for one to seek removal of the same said requirements within in a methodical and sensibly fair time frame. I see quite a few cases around the country grab traction within the circuits and the fight most go to the front line instead of sporadic skirmishes. Insist on dialogue in every media outlet possible. Ask questions in community meetings that lead to further inclusion on differing ideals. I feel sad and undeserving at times of how great my life is compared to someone else’s by no means am I a smug or a braggart. I fight in furor for every person I can not matter how scorned. By looking at me you would consider me to be an offender by hearing my experience you would say how the hell did you go through all of that? But beyond the bs is a layer of straight love and laughter, you gotta have fun living this life, no matter who’s looking.