Reply To: Sixth Circuit rejects Michigan residency & premises restrictions


The subliminal schematics are very clear from the intent of the registry, the following grievances and disparities are apparent in most cases:

1. The dismantling of familial or co-habitating relationships
2. The disenfranchisement from employment prospects
3. The cyclic atmosphere and intent to keep registrants in constant fear and misery.
4. The sporadic change and frequent adjustment of laws to garner ambiguous convictions or violations.
5. The continual uncertainty of dwelling and housing provisions, resulting in lack of residence and near- permanent homelessness.
6. The lack of clarity or uniformity in the law leading to confusion from its administrators, enforcers and assumed friends if the court.
7. The propensity to likely produce anti-social or develop detached social inaction.

These are the most announced chief complaints I have observed from registrants and their families.

The parallel to change are events and monumental challenges such as these.
For jurisprudent professionals to blindly apply something that originally had no validity and now capture an epiphany that the same is wholeheartedly unconstitutional and punitive was just periodical matter of time and simple science. I have a precedental case in federal court, challenging the unlawful discharge from military service under the premise of a unrelated civilian felony sex offense conviction. Through rebuttal I was allowed to continue to serve after incarceration and I have done so for over a decade until woefully so, the congress, POTUS and the appropriate secretary of my service determined I should no longer serve even though I physically possessed retirement orders in hand and done all I was expected to do post-conviction. I was deployed numerous time as well as as promoted twice yet to strangely be discharged.
I was recently upgraded to honorable discharge after a malicious characterization of service and the fight is still on in federal court on my 7th continuance before trial. This administration is outwardly a shameful one as well as he sitting congress. I’ve done much to protect this country and even was trusted with guns, people and property as a felon 10 plus years plus and past. That alone should be resounding rehabilitation. I’m amazed at the progress against this grandstanding government. God bless America !