Reply To: Sixth Circuit rejects Michigan residency & premises restrictions

Flynt Morrison

I was convicted in 2005 from an offense committed in 2001, and was only required to register for 15 years post release and when I was released that was changed to lifetime. I served my time and am being continuously punished for a crime committed at the age of 16. My life has been ruined and I have been given no real chance at redemption to date. I have overcome certain obstacles but the reality remains I am a marked man for life and I am labeled forever. The registry laws are unnecessary because they don’t make the community any safer for those who want to reoffend in any way, not just sexually. It’s a pacifier the government has been feeding society for years. In addition, sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rates of all crimes and the harshest penalties even after incarceration. Where’s the logic in that?????